Amazon CEO Says “Stay Tuned” For iPad-Challenging Kindle Tablet



Amazon is preparing a tablet of their own to compete with the iPad, and no lesser a higher-up than CEO Jeff Bezos has all but confirmed it.

In an interview with Consumer Reports, Bezos said to “stay tuned” for forthcoming news about am Amazon-branded “multipurpose tablet device.”

Ever since Amazon launched their own Appstore for Android devices, previous rumors that suggested that Amazon would respond to the challenge of the iPad with a tablet of their own have seemed like a certainty.

But Bezos’ statement seems to confirm it: a Kindlepad is coming. It’ll almost definitely run Android, and if Amazon’s history is anything to go by, it’ll aim to undercut the iPad in price.

Amazon has been increasingly positioning itself as a direct competitor to Apple… and recent moves (such as obligatory 30% cuts of all in-app purchases) make it seem like Cupertino is taking that threat seriously.

What do you think? Can an affordably priced Kindlepad challenge the iPad’s dominance? Sound off in the comments.

  • Matthew Teschke


    would seem to be the one company that has the content delivery system and loyal customer base to challenge

  • renegad3

    Welp, if its just another android tablet, with a kindle reader in it, I don’t possibly see how they can think it will make a dent in iPad sales.

    No android tablet to date has done anything against an iPad. I don’t think adding Kindle capability to it is all of a sudden going to make it an iPad killer.

    Yes, it will definitely have its fans, and will sell some, but to challenge iPad’s dominance?
    Not happening.

  • Matthew Teschke

    @6805146c22c8035fb3fadbcb6c958972:disqus Not saying it would be easy, but it’s still early in the game. The value of placement on #Amazon homepage should not be underestimated.

  • IamEzio

    xoom can’t beat the iPad

    transformer can’t beat the ipad

    Galaxy tab can’t beat the iPad ,

    so the Kindle tablet can’t beat the iPad

  • Matthew Teschke

    @IamEzio:disqus Don’t need to beat the iPad – 10% or 20% of an industry that will be in the tens of billions of $ would still be worth doing for #Amazon

  • TheNewReign

    Let us not kid ourselves, the only company doing “tens of billions of $ worth of business in the tablet industry is Apple and no one else will join them there for a very long time.

  • Avy

    Another android shit

  • jinkhet

    He didn’t say any company would be doing “tens of billions of $” he said 10% of an _industry_ that itself was doing that much would be worth an investment from Amazon.

    He’s pretty much right, too

  • Rick Cross

    At the moment, Android tablets aren’t a big threat to Apple. At the moment. Feature-wise, they are as good or superior. Where they suffer is that they don’t have a library built over the past year of “HD” tablet optimized apps. That one year head start and a rabidly loyal fan base is what is keeping Apple with 80% of the tablet market.

    My guess is that Android tablets will be a much bigger threat to the iPad a year from now. After all, most of the name-brand Android tablets are already on a par with the new iPad 2 as far as CPU, graphics, memory, camera and price are concerned. Add in things like USB ports, memory card support, spare battery capability, etc. and they are actually ahead of Apple.

    Now, give the developers a year to write tablet optimized applications and all bets are off.

    After all, just a year or so ago, Steve Jobs was smirking about how the Apple iPhone OWNED the smart phone market and that Android wasn’t a threat. Mr. Jobs no longer says that. Multiple sources determined that Android now has about 30% of the smartphone market. Gartner and other industry forecasters predict a 50% market share next year.

    So, if Android tablets follow the same path, the iPad is in for a rough time.

    If the marketing powerhouse,, releases their own tablet, there is a VERY good chance that they will leap to the forefront of Android tablet sales and challenge Apple on their own turf.

    Amazon has the marketing muscle, content connections and data infrastructure to go toe-to-toe with Apple and score a TKO.

    p.s. Wiping off my crystal ball, here’s a prediction. With the loss of being the exclusive USA iPhone carrier, watch for AT&T to partner with Amazon as the exclusive data network for the Amazon tablet. OK, that was obvious, since the Kindle’s Whispernet is carried by AT&T.

    So… look for the Amazon Android 4G phone on AT&T as well.

  • Harriman

    A lot of Apple fanboys have their head in the sand, it seems. If there is one company out there that has a clear shot at taking Apple on, it’s Amazon. Just like Apple, they’ve got a customer list that’s in the hundreds of millions of names. There’s no question that the Kindle is the best selling eReader on the market today. Apple continues to ignore that segment of the market by refusing to release a 7″ tablet. B&N is currently making hay with the nook Color, but Amazon could take that market away from them in a flash.

  • BDB

    we love mac. don’t ever say anything we don’t like. it’s all lies….Whatever it is your tring to say!!!

  • Giuagcipqdlf

    If this thing hits at the same time the kindle, netflix, pandora apps go away (rather than giving Apple a 30% cut)… then yeah… It gets interesting…