Is This The Speaker And Home Button Of The iPhone 5?



A handful of components said to come from the guts of the next iPhone have hit the web. Or they might just be a piece of junk taken from some tinker’s pockets. If they’re for real, though, consider at least a couple of the juicier rumors about the hardware of the iPhone 5 debunked.

Blog iPhoneItalia — which doesn’t have a terrible history in the past with such rumors — says the parts above are the iPhone 5’s speaker and home button.

What can be gleaned from these parts? Well, for one, rumors that the iPhone 5 will have a capacitive home button are junk: the home button in the leaked part is still physical. Maybe for the iPhone 6.

As for the speaker, sadly, it appears that the iPhone 5’s speaker will continue to be a mono affair, quashing audiophile hopes that Apple’s next handset might make the leap into stereo.

So what have we learned? The iPhone 5 won’t be a big leap forward for either the home button or the audio. However, the shape of the new dock connector and speaker do imply that there will be notable changes to the iPhone 5’s shape and internal make-up compared to the iPhone 4, probably necessitated by the rumored larger displays.

So don’t just expect the iPhone 4S: if these parts are anything to go by, and they’re for real, even though the speaker and home button aren’t changed, we’ll be seeing something a lot more exotic than that.

(Update: Many readers are pointing out that Apple doesn’t actually solder anything in their iPhones, so these parts may not be legit. We’re not a hundred percent sold on them either, but keep in mind these would be prototype parts, since the iPhone 5 has yet to go into mass production. That being the case, a prototype part may very well use solder where the finished product would not.)

  • cyberb0b

    I can’t believe you guys get paid to write this crap. You do realize that you are the National Enquirer of tech blogs, right?

  • Matt Hegele

    I have a hard time believing that Apple would have wires like those anywhere in the phone. the only place I remember wires in any of the iPhones was the original iPhone. Since the 3g they have had ribbons everywhere in their phones.

  • Ryan

    No soldering in the new iPhone….ribbon and push connectors only.

  • brownlee

    Yes, but this could well just be a prototype part. In fact, it likely would be.

  • Mkint

    Hey, look! Look here! Is this a paint scraping from the logo of a integrated circuit case from an iPhone17?

  • JFMD

    looks like a hearing aid to me

  • Joris Verschoor

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  • Ronald Stepp

    OMG! Is that the red and blue wire from the iPhone 5 I see in the picture!?!?!?!?!?!

  • bjk.qaz

     Funny… the pic was taking with an (att) iPhone 4, you can see the blue/green haze in the center of the pic.  Hopefully the new ones wont have that problem (like th VZ iphone 4)