Quirky Idea of the Day: Hippy iPad Necklace


Behold the iPad necklace.
Behold the iPad necklace.

We’ve seen DIY versions of iPad necklaces, now one enterprising former robotics student hopes to bring this wooden version to stores near you soon.

Desmond D. Dixon designed, engineered and models (that’s him in the pic above) these iPad and iPod chains. The iPod chains will go for $25, the iPad chains $49 when they go on sale in fall 2011.

Each comes with a hard case to protect your iDevice; the iPod chains come in a range of styles (ladybugs, transparent beads and tiny wooden skulls) the iPad version links your tablet to you through chunky wooden beads.

Dixon got the idea after creating a T-shirt with a chain design airbrushed on it. Cult of Mac asked him a few questions about the iNecklace.

iChains for iPod.

Cult of Mac: How did you get from robotics to this?

Desmond D. Dixon: I was born naturally with a creative spirit. I just never took it seriously until I got close to graduation in December 2005. Based on the skills and courses I took at Texas State Technical College in Waco,Texas, I had to follow my dream and give it 110%.

CoM: There are a lot of crimes involving iPhones, iPads etc. stolen from people off the street — but you show a mom and kids wearing them — do you think wearing the necklace is safe? Practical?

DD: Most of all, you must watch where you’re going and know where you’re going. There’s a time and place for everything. You can’t twirl Bentley keys in your hands in certain places you know nothing about. That’s just stupidity. It’s no different than a lady carrying a purse down the street during the day or night. You must be on alert at all times. There are always crooks out there waiting for an opportunity.

CoM: What’s your favorite Apple product?

DD: Even though I don’t own a Mac laptop (yet), I believe any product beginning with letter “i” rules.

You can see more of his designs here.