Wooden Handcrafted BrudaCase for iPad 2 Treats Your iPad Like a Prized Possession



The BrudaCase for iPad 2 is a sleek, elegant case made out of wood to protect your iPad while still maintaining a classic look that is truly worthy of holding your favorite tech treasure. With its nod to the past, while still looking to the future, the BrudaCase is one of the most beautifully manufactured iPad cases I’ve come across. Handcrafted in the heart of Amish Country Pennsylvania, the case doesn’t set out to be just another piece of beauty, as it also brings a lot of thoughtful functionality with it.

The case is made from slabs of cherry or maple wood that have been precision trimmed, sanded, and finished by an Amish cabinet-maker. The two pieces are held together by two discrete hinges inside the case. Padding lines the interior cavity to protect your iPad 2 from scratching, while four magnets secure the two sides together to prevent the case from opening accidentally. One of the neat things about the BrudaCase is how they addressed the need for different viewing angles. Two different notches inside the case allow the user to adjust the viewing angle of the iPad based on preference or the need to do some typing. The typing angle didn’t feel that comfortable though as the angle of inclination was a bit greater than that of a SmartCover, and to achieve the typing angle the iPad is recessed a bit too far back in the case for my liking.

Using the BrudaCase you can tell that a lot of thought and care has gone into its creation. The makers informed me that each case takes quite a few hours to create as they are all handmade. This handmade aesthetic makes the case feel like an item worthy to be put on display. Retailing at $150, it’s one of the more expensive cases out there, but the elegance of its design feels worthy of the price tag. This case reminds me of a nice cigar box someone would keep in the middle of their living room. If you have an iPad that the whole family uses then the BrudaCase is definitely one of the best options to consider.

What’s Good

  • The BrudaCase design is incredibly simple, classy, and pleasing to look at.
  • Padding inside the BrudaCase makes sure that no matter what happens on the outside of the case, your iPad is nice and safe on the inside.
  • The magnets securing the two sides together are pretty strong (almost too strong) so you don’t have to worry about the case opening up on accident and your goods flying out.
  • Multiple viewing angles are easily accessible. With some other cases it can be a pain to move the casing around to get the viewing angle you want, BrudaCase solved this hassle with relative ease.
  • Laser etching. Being able to personalize your case to reflect who you are while still maintaining its classy signature look is a nice plus for those looking to show off their case.

What’s Bad

  • The case adds considerable bulk to your iPad. So much so that the BrudaCase is not something I want to tote my iPad around in if I’m carrying other objects as well.
  • Weight. The iPad 2 weighs in at a thin 1.34lbs while the BrudaCase weighs 2lbs. Even though 3.4lbs is a full pound lighter than my Macbook Pro, if I’m carrying around that much extra weight I’d probably just prefer to have my Macbook Pro with me so I can get a bit more done.


The BrudaCase for iPad 2 brings with it a classic look for the most cutting edge piece of technology around. When using the BrudaCase you’ll have no worries about your iPad getting damaged, but it comes at the cost of adding a lot of bulk and weight to a device that has been touted for its thin and lightweight design. The BrudaCase looks absolutely gorgeous and as such is one of the best cases around to show off to your friends. While not the best case for a person who is always on the go and needs to pack light, the BrudaCase is a great investment for those who like to keep their iPad 2 at home and need an elegant case to store it in that doesn’t make their living room look tacky.


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  • Anon

    Why would you want to bulkify your ipad like that? Smartcovers ftw

  • myipad2cases

    good case, could I write about it on my blog ?