How To Use Google Music Beta Under iOS [How-To]



Google Music Beta launched yesterday, beating iTunes into the cloud by at least a couple months, but with one big drawback: it wasn’t supposed to work on iOS devices, but just one day later and Google Music is already up and running on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Here’s how to use Google Music on your iDevice.

1) Sign up for a Google Music beta invite if you don’t already have one.

2) Once you’ve been admitted into the beta, point Mobile Safari to Google Music. Login.

3) From here, you can navigate as usual, with a simple tap playing the music within Mobile Safari. Scrolling is a bit wonky, and you have to be patient.

Okay, it’s no dedicated app, but what’s cool about this approach is that because Mobile Safari has background audio privileges under iOS 4.x, using the Google Music browser player on your iOS device actually allows you to multitask and use iOS’s music controls to skip, play and pause tracks, just as if it were an app you downloaded from the App Store.

[via CNET]