Linex Sues Apple, Tries To Rid U.S. Of All MacBooks



If you’re read this expecting to see Linus Torvalds and Steve Jobs exchange body blows in court, read the headline again: that homophone can be confusing, the ‘e’ matters and the company we’re talking about here is Linex, a Florida company that licenses wireless technology.

Even so, Linex and Apple are revving up to go to court, and if Linex has its way, the import of all MacBooks will be banned, along with Apple’s Airport Extreme and Time Capsule products.

The patent dispute lawsuit has been filed in US District Court in Delaware against Apple alongside HP, Aurba Networks, Meru Networks and Ruckus Wireless. Linex is looking for monetary damages in regards to the violation of this patent, which basically just talks about a way to use multiple WiFi antennas to make signals more reliable.

Knowing how most of these lawsuits go, your MacBook is probably pretty safe, and Apple will soon sweep this under the rug. Even so, I bet you did a double take at the headline.

  • AaronBushell

    Look, I don’t usually complain about free news on the internet, but Brownlee’s articles are seriously lacking in any sort of reporting, whatsoever. Yesterday his big article was about Apple almost adding a side port to the iPad2. It was 71 words and was barely worth the click. Most of his articles are junk and it is to the point now where if I see he is the author on an article, I won’t even click the link. Please, please bring us more in-depth analysis than “Random person sues Apple and this doesn’t matter because it will get swept under the rug. Oh, and gotcha with the headline!”


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  • OhBlahDeeBlahDah

    You lose! I did NOT expect “Linex” to be a misspelling of Linux. You wasted words and space discussing a confusion that does not exist.

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