Most People Buy The Most Expensive iPad



When it comes to the iPad, you’re either a cheapskate or a sheik. That’s the message coming out of new data published by Context, which says that most people either buy the cheapest iPad or the most expensive one.

At least in Western Europe, that is. There, Context found that more than half of all buyers would choose either the 64GB iPad 2 WiFi + 3G or the 16GB iPad 2 WiFi. You’d think the entry-level WiFi model would be the most popular, but the data doesn’t support that: 33% of all the sales Context tracked were for the 64GB 3G version.

It’s interesting, because I’d always assumed that the most popular version would be the 32GB flavor in either WiFi or 3G. It seems, though, that once you’ve mentally decided to buy an iPad to begin with, either an extra hundred bucks is a total deal breaker, or you might as well double it and pimp out your iPad to the max.

Which iPad did you get, and what logic informed your purchase? I’d be curious to hear about your reasons for which iPad model you bought in the comments.

  • Jeff

    I bought the 32GB GSM 3G model. I almost got the 64GB, but I’d heard rumors about Apple’s cloud service and I figured that that would cut down on the amount of space I’d need. I also took into account the amount of space I use on my 32GB iPhone. Most of that is allocated to music since I use it as my primary portable music player, but I will not be keeping much music on my iPad. I’m also not going to be keeping a ton of movies or TV shows, especially considering how much I can stream from Hulu, Netflix, and now HBO. 64GB seemed like overkill. In retrospect, I probably would have foregone the 3G connectivity. I can tether through my iPhone when I’m on the road, and typically if I’m going to stream anything, I would want to do it over WiFi anyway. If I’d decided not to get 3G, then maybe I would have spent that money on the 64GB model. Overall, though, I’m happy with the model I chose.

  • Eric Lupkes

    I just got the 16gig wifi only model because I wanted it primarily for apps, and those usually don’t take up a ton of space. I also figured if I was going to spend any more money, I’d have trouble not just getting a macbook air instead, which I would love to have but can’t justify right now.

  • Jordan Clay

    I’m a minority, did the 32GB WIFI..the $100 wasn’t a deal breaker, and if needed i’ll pay $25 a month to tether vs. $30 a month and an extra $130. This does two things, saves me money AND lets me tether my Mac or Kindle to the iPhone too.

  • Jordan Clay

    FYI, i’ve done this four times…got an original iPad and 2 for myself and one for my mom and dad as well..they love em

  • Matthew Murphy

    I got the 32GB WiFi version because just about where ever I got I have WiFi and if I don’t and need it I can use PDAnet. I don’t have any music on it since it is all on my iPhone.

  • Jerry Ballard

    Exactly my reasons. I went 32G Wifi for my iPad 1 and my wife’s iPad 2.

  • Matthias Breuer

    Got the 16 GB Wifi 1st Generation iPad right after the iPad 2 was announced and the prices dropped. Why? Well, I’d been planning to buy an iPad for a while but was holding out for the possibility of a higher resolution one. Couldn’t put it off any longer though. Being a grad student, the iPad allows me to carry lots of scanned textbooks and reference materials without breaking my back – incidentally the processor and graphics improvements wouldn’t affect me much, since I use it for reading and note taking about 90% of the time. So I got the cheapest possible one now – and I’ll upgrade when a high resolution “retina” version becomes available – at which point I’ll robably get a 32 GB Wifi+3G and keep it until a seriously compelling upgrade comes along…

  • Jim

    32 gig wifi only, instead of bumping up to 64 gig, used the $100 towards square-trade warranty. Friends who have 1st gen 64 gig were using less than 16 gig.

  • Scribbledorange

    i bought the 32GB 3G model. thank god for 3G, because my wireless died on me, but i digress..

    i thought 64 gb was too much space, so 32 was just right. 16 seemed too little, as when i wanted to go on a trip and store movies on, it’d be horrible if there wasn’t enugh space. further more, my iphone is the 32 gb one, and i’m not using up all the space.

  • Bruhndk

    I bought the 64GB + 3G, but then again, I’m from Western Europe, Denmark.

  • Doug Bursnall

    32G WiFi, use mostly at home, don’t need another monthly charge, most places I travel to have or will have WiFi. Only need space for some music and apps.

  • aga

    I bought the 32 GB WiFi. I bought a refurbished iPad after the iPad 2 was announced and the price came down so saved myself a bundle of money. I was planning on getting the 16 GB and wait for the iPad 3 before getting a top spec model, but Apple UK did not have a refurbished 16 GB model and I had been waiting for months to see what the specs for the iPad 2 were. Was not sufficient difference so decided to be a cheap skate for now, and splash out for a top spec model later.

    I am not interested in the 3G, but did want GPS. I liked the iPad so much I have now bought an iPhone, so I can use an app to get the GPS data from the iPhone into the iPad.

    Guess I am another person the iPad has converted into an Apple user. I have not jail broken either, but I do not like Jobbies “walled garden” and really miss having Flash in my web browser. I think it should be my choice, and so I resent Jobbies megalomania. Wish he would get off the pot and go if he is going to be such dictator! Maybe we would then get someone as CEO who is more reasonable and who listens to the customers instead of having their cranium up their sphincter.

    So, love iThingy but not Jobbies, and let us not forget the brilliant British designer whose work Jobbies is promoting and getting rich from!

  • DrM47145

    *** TOP OF THE LINE ***
    64GB 3G and on AT&TReasons: – 16GB is just too little. it’s Ok on an iPhone, but the iPad is much a more interesting device to store pictures than an iPhone. 32GB is clearly a good difference from the lower end, but for $100 more you can double it to 64GB. No brainer.- I need 3G to use it on the road (work).- AT&T because CDMA does not exist. It’s ancient technology that only exist because of Verizon. When the time comes to upgrade to the iPad 3, it will always be easier to sell a 3G (internationally of course, where you can get much more for it) than what it is to sell a CDMA device than can only be used by Verizon or a couple of Asian and/or underdeveloped countries.- Last: My company paid for it :-)

  • Ron McCall

    I purchased the 64GB WiFi model last year. Was getting ready for a flight to Europe, and about two weeks in Russia. Wanted to be able to keep in touch with friends/family at home; and wanted enough memory capacity for several movies to watch during the flight. In retrospect, I could easily have gotten by with 32GB, and might have some use for 3G. Whenever I replace this model, though, I will probably get a Macbook Air. It’s extra functionality will be worth the extra $$. If Apple would allow Flash to run on the iOS devices, that would change my mind back to the iPad.

  • Alexander530

    I bought the 16gb wifi only ipad2. I had the 16gb wifi only ipad1, and I was fine with it. I don’t need the 3g version for I already have an iphone4 with unlimited data, so I just don’t see it logical to get the ipad 3g version. I use my ipad mainly to browse the web, check email, and apps. I don’t need a 64gb ipad to do those things. I do store photos and music on my ipad, but not a whole lot. A lot of my photos are on facebook, and all my music are on my iphone. I still have plenty of free space on my ipad.

  • Cody

    I went with the 64 GB wifi…I already have a 32gb iPhone 4 and my iTunes library barely fits on there. Being that I’m a college student, I was sick of carrying my MacBook pro around campus, and wanted to be able to always have my ever expanding iTunes library at my disposal, and pretty soon here it won’t fit on my phone anymore. Aside from my library, being that I’m on a fixed income until I graduate, I didn’t want to be needing to come up with more money if the 32GB iPad failed to be enough space because I don’t an on buying another iPad for a long time (sorry apple).
    As for only buying the wifi model, it wasn’t logical for me to buy the 3G version because for one, I use my iPad mostly at home and school where wifi is readily available. Also, considering that I have an iPhone 4, if I ever need 3G on my iPad, I will simply pay for the wifi hotspot tethering on my iPhone. Considering whether I got a 3G iPad or if I use tethering, I will still have to pay AT&T so much per month, so why spend the extra $129 or whatever on 3G iPad. It doesn’t make since to buy a 3G iPad if you have an iPhone that can tether.

  • carlosciro

    64GB 3G Because there wasn’t one with 128 or 256GB as I’ll love… It’s great to have plenty of space. :)

  • JordanIsMyName

    Just got my iPad today: 16GB WiFi onlu model
    (didnt want to pay any more)

  • Sabree

    32GB wifi first gen iPad. I have a blackberry, so no need for yet another data plan. It holds all that I need and a little more, plus I leave 2GB extra for “just in case”. It fits all my needs just fine.

  • Apple newcomer

    I have the white 32 gb wifi ipad2. Didn’t want another monthly contract, I can tether from my smart phone, and public wifi is increasingly available. Didn’t want to run out of memory, but just couldn’t justify spending as much as the 64 gb commands…

  • Apple newcomer

    Agreed. I really wish they’d come out w capacity on iPad and iPhone so that I could ditch my iPod classic for just one device!

  • Mrvelvetex

    64GB Wifi only WHITE, as a full time college student and weekend slave worker, I spend most of my time at the university where wifi is abundant. Went for the largest capacity because of how much I dislike having to decide “what stays or what goes” and mainly because my intention is to hold onto this one until some major upgrades come down the line. Could not justify paying for 3G on my phone as well as the ipad…

  • kms007

    I sprung for the 16GB wi-fi only model. Most of the places I visit have free Wi-fi.

  • kms007

    I sprung for the 16GB wi-fi only model. Most of the places I visit have free Wi-fi.

  • Jelyon

    64 gb WiFi. Because I want to use it to store photos on trips, and I have Clear Internet access, so I don’t need the 3G.

  • Larry

    Welcome new Apple user.

    It seems there is no incentive for Jobs to do what you want. The truth is that the vast majority of people can live without flash.

    As for Jobs megalomania, I think you have it wrong. Megalomania is the obsession with the exercise of power. Jobs is not obsessed with power as much as he is with excellence. Power enables this. You have come over to Apple, I would say , for just that reason.

    Choice is good and doing anything and everything with your iDevice is freedom. You would agree that safety features on cars such as air bags and seat belts are a universal good thing, however, some people want to have choice in even this. What drives Jobs is a universal great experience on all that Apple does. Flash does not do this. People have better battery life and a more solid platform when Flash is not a part of the iDevice.

    Features users want come in due time. Apple tries hard to release these features when they are ready and not before. They are human and occasionally fail.

    I have hitched myself to Jobs (More accurately “Apple’s”) benevolent dictatorship. There is no other company that puts the user experience first like Apple. They got the power because we gave it to them. If they fail to continue we will take it back.

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