Apple Almost Released The iPad With Two Dock Connectors



See that? It’s a just-awarded patent for an iPad boasting a landscape-oriented dock connector port in addition to the regular port-oriented one.

I’m sure there’s at least a few of you guys out there who are looking at that line-drawing and clawing strips of flesh out of your face in frustration: “ARGH… WHY DIDN’T APPLE RELEASE THAT?” Sorry, guys. The Department of Redundancy Department called, and they wanted their port back.

  • dougmorton

    This is old. We knew about this months ago…

  • Articles And Blog Reviews

    It would have been good if Apple had released the ipad with 2 dock connectors. It would have been a handier tool

  • Legend

    Snore… This is an old patent. I hope you didnt get paid to write this crap. I wanted it on the iPad 2 seriously at least 6 months ago. Now I’ve got one I see how it isn’t needed. Side dock will not happen.

  • JonathanRWegner

    No, I’m looking at that and thinking ‘Thank goodness they didn’t release that.’ Why have another port to fill with bag detritus just to make the 7 people that want to use their iPad docked in landscape mode happy. What would be better is a dock keyboard that is dock-free and just a holder with a blue tooth keyboard. However, my girlfriend would kill for that second port.

  • Jordan Wyatt

    I personally think “dual docking port” designs are BLOODY AWFUL! I HATE any “ports” on the side of devices, ESPECIALLY beautiful thin bits of engineered metal! Why would you want a gaping hole in the side? I find it annoying enough that my iMac has that useless “optical drive” thing, let alone when Apple decided to hit it with the chisel a second time, for an “SD card slot” :-)

    Your hands will constantly be touching “the long thin hole” on the side. Ugh, UGH I say!

  • Fred

    Looks more like 30 pin and a SIM tray…


  • dibarnu

    Bye-bye Cult of Mac. Old stories like this one, and non-Apple crap like the drug deal turned murder have made this site not worth bothering with any more. I was even willing to overlook the Apple being 3rd in US smart phones sales with no growth in a year yet being hailed as reigning supreme. It looks like CoM has decided to search the Google news archives for iPhone and iPad and turn anything found into a story here. I have gizmodo for my irrelevant and sensationalist tech news thank you very much.

  • HammyHavoc

     Completely agreed. It seems to be a case of “Comment on whatever is in the news and somehow bring Apple into it.” just for linkbait. I am done with this psuedo-news site.