Onyx Keeps Your System Clean And Tidy [50 Mac Essentials #36]



Onyx is a free system maintenance tool for Mac OS X.

One of the nice things about Onyx is that it covers everything you can think of. It’s packed with tools that you might want to use often, plus some you might use only once in a blue moon. But they’re all there, in one place.

What sort of tools? Stuff that checks and verifies your disks, stuff that cleans up caches and other non-essential files, stuff for rebuilding and looking after system files that need a bit of TLC.

Onyx goes to great lengths to look after you. It’s a powerful tool, so it asks for an administrator password before running certain tasks. It also flashes up several warnings, and a Help Viewer page, so that you’re left in no doubt about the potential consequences of your actions.

Don’t let that serious-sounding stuff put you off though. Onyx is simply a useful thing to have around, it’s free as in yay! free!, and it deserves a place in your Applications folder.

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  • Ditty Rock

    Been using Onyx for years. Works great.

  • John Neumann

    Same here. I’ve used some version of it for the last 10 years at least. Free isn’t even the best part of it. It works cleanly and then gets out of the way.

  • Articles And Blog Reviews

    onyx – a free maintenance tool for mac os x is essential for keeping the mac system clean and tidy

  • James Beer

    Ive just used it and found out i need to do a reformat :(

  • Martin T.

    Simple, Sweet and Super.

    I make a point to recommend it to my fellow Mac-heads!

  • Jim Gatos

    I heard it’s vaporware