Steve Jobs Destroys Einstein, Tesla and Newton On List Of Engineering Heroes



I think of Steve Jobs as more of an expert businessman, management genius and incubator of innovation and ingenuity than an engineer, but 900 engineering undergraduates in the UK surveyed by General Electric are ready to claim him as one of their own: the Apple CEO has ranked third in a list of Engineering Heroes behind Isambard Kingdom Brunel (creator of the first major British railway) and James Dyson (who makes the world’s best vacuum cleaners bathroom hand dryers).

Jobs beat out Bill Gates, who came in at the number four spot. He also ranked higher than Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Charles Rolls, Henry Royce and Thomas Edison.

Clearly, this is a pretty loose list of “engineers,” since Albert Einstein dropped out of electrical engineering school, but even so: it’s pretty impressive that the man who gave the world the iMac and iPhone ranks above the man who drafted the theory of relativity or the guy who discovered gravity on any list, let alone one as prestigious as “Engineering Heroes.”

  • Wirehedd

    Great. A list of 900 Engineers who are so historically ignorant they don’t know what an actual inventor is.

    Steve Jobs is not, nor has he ever truly been, an inventor. Steve Wozniak is the engineer of the duo and he is the one who should be, and is, by those who aren’t blindly stupified, credited as a brilliant inventor and engineer.

    Jobs is a business genius like Warren Buffet and with names like Carnegie and Hearst. Woz belongs with names like Newton, Tesla and begrudgingly, Dyson.

  • arturocr

    This is really stupid, how can it be possible? “Jobs destroys Einstein” that’s a real offense!

  • 50thstate

    Isnt he on the board of Pixar who created UP!— so it goes alongside Newton’s theory to gravity?
    Cant say he never contributed to science… JK…dont hate the pun on words!

  • Alistair H.

    I don’t know how all of this works at Apple, but is Jobs actually inventing all their products ?

  • Chris

    He probably is allowed to have the idea … :D

  • Mariano Iannuzzi

    This survey clearly demonstrate how little these guys know about history of engineering. As much as I admire SJ, placing him above Einstein, Newton, Tesla, etc makes no sense.

  • brownlee

    I tried to report this as objectively as I could, but I’m with you guys: it’s unbelievable how ignorant these kids seem to be about engineering, given the fact that they are all prospective engineers.

  • DeRS

    @twitter-160206431:disqus : while Woznyak was definitely the leading engineer among the two, it is ignorant media cliche that Jobs is only about management/vision.

    Jobs actually started working as engineer years before Apple was created (and worked as assistant before knowing Woznyak after bugging Devin Packard for that) and was considered by Atari management to be qualified enough to be sent to Europe for engineering tasks (alone, without Woznyak or whoever).

    To this day, Jobs is either primary author, or co-author of more than 230 patents and patent applications, all sorts of invention including (see Jobs’ wikipedia article about that).

    Some of concrete things in Apple products that hundreds million people use are invented directly and personally by Steven Jobs.

  • tinch

    @twitter-42662751:disqus I, being a physicist, think it’s ok. There’s no reason why Einstein should be in an engineers list. It’s kind of insulting to Einstein.

  • ECE_Major

    This is a fantastically unbiased (sarcasm) list of “engineers” which lists some guy who made the first railway in Britain and the other one that makes VACUUM cleaners (and stupid commercials with a British accent). Not to mention nearly none of the people on the list are actual engineers AND Steve Wozniak isn’t listed.

  • LittleMato

    These (undergraduates) engineers and also their teachers should immediately leave the school and go work in McDonalds. The future is not very bright…

  • DeRS

    Since the list is not about engineers, but about engineering heroes (Einstein, for example, is not engineer at all, while Jobs is profound engineer with hundreds of big and small inventions)), these students are fine.

  • Zipzapzet

    I unsubscribe from this site because of the title that is used in this news.

  • Aa

    Well I subscribed to this site because of the title that was used in this post so I guess the universe is still balanced.

  • Kannapiran Ponraj

    i believe @twitter-160206431:disqus is correct. I believe Edison is truly a global genius which I see a problem with any study. Since m ychildhood INVENTION=====EDISON. I see people are towards either local or contemporary lovers. People said to have short memory during voting for politicians actually have this disease or vulnerability in every case. Hence Critics & Professionals are the right people to release Top10/100 lists. General public can’t vote on everything. Let them first vote for their democracy rightly. The primary job.

  • Erkin

    Newton and Tesla great mind, I do not think any new generation people creative not even close :

  • ham

    the title is stupid and retarded. and i’ll tell you one thing that will have you shitting your pants and screaming at me saying no!

    Microsoft tablet PC>Apple ipad

    tablet pc- no one gave a fuck
    iPad -JIZZZZZZ 

    stupid mac idiots

  • HerbalEd

    One doesn’t have to be an engineer to be primary author of a patent. 

  • Acereader

    I carry an iPad, an iPod Touch and an iPhone everyday: make no mistake – I love them. I do also love my car, my fridge, my vacuum machine and airplanes and all that…But people, compare Jobs to Newton and Einstein?! You need a tick in the head! You’re fools!

    Speaking of great engineers, for one – Wernher von Braun can easily crash Steven Jobs.

  • Amy Moran

    That’s cool. Especially since Jobs stole Apple’s first technology from Xerox.