WiMax Sleeve Turns iPhone 4s Into iPhone 4Gs



We’ve seen our fair share of sleeves and cases in the past meant to graft new functionality onto an existing iDevice, the most obvious example being the Peel 520, which transformed any iPod Touch into a 2G iPhone 4.

It was only a matter of time, then, before we could expect accessory makers to make a go of transforming the iPhone 4 into the iPhone 4G. Now they’d made a go of it, but sadly, it’s South Korea only right now… but expect it in the United States soon.

Called the KWF-B2500 WiMax Sleeve, the case — which is essentially just a battery and a WiMax modem slapped together into a case — will provide up to five hours of 4G broadband per charge, in exchange for around $120US and about 2.4 ounces of added weight.

Even though this is a South Korean product for right now, it seems likely that it will come to the United States soon. After all, Sprint is the only wireless carrier with a WiMax network right now, and that network has previously dabbled in shoring up its own weaknesses in not carrying the iPhone by importing 3G-capable iPod Touch cases and selling them to customers. I wouldn’t be totally shocked to see them do the same thing here.

One thing’s for sure: with a 4G capable iPhone not likely to arrive for at least a year and a half, if you want 4G speeds on your iDevice now, this product — or one like it — will be one of your only options for the foreseeable future.

[via TUAW]

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