Microsoft Wants You to ‘Do The Math’ – Buy a PC & Go to Hawaii with Savings



Microsoft’s latest attempt at persuading customers to buy a Windows PC rather than a Mac is an advertising campaign that compares the price of Apple machines with computers from Asus, Dell, HP, Sony, and others; and then asks buyers to “do the math” and look at the money they could save – which they could then spend on a trip to Hawaii.

For example, compare Apple’s MacBook Air with a selection of Windows netbooks and straight away you’ll notice the difference in price – with the MacBook Air listed at $1,049 compared to netbooks for as little as $299. We’ll ignore the fact that Microsoft has classed the MacBook Air as a netbook and move on to specifications.

While the MacBook Air’s storage space may only be 64GB compared to as much as 640GB from the HP Pavilion, the Air features a super-snappy solid-state drive, which are famous for being significantly faster than traditional hard disk drives, and significantly more expensive for the privilege.

The Air features Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor at 1.4GHz, which performs better than both the Atom and E-Series CPUs featured in the Windows netbooks. While the Core 2 Duo may consume more power, the Air’s 7-hour battery life ensures you won’t notice.

Then there’s weight: The featherlight Air weights in at a mere 2.3 lbs, whereas the HP Pavilion – which is closest in specs – is over a pound heavier at 3.52 lbs.

Of course, Microsoft would rather you focused on price than user experience when you come to buy a new computer. If money is your main concern – and the stability, reliability and superiority of Mac OS X alone isn’t important – then you should buy a Windows PC every time.

Thankfully you get “security protection” free with each of the Windows netbooks, which will be handy in your never ending mission to beat malware.

While I’ll admit that the Windows 7 operating system is a vast improvement over its Vista predecessor, it still doesn’t compare to Mac OS X. You’ll find after a few weeks with one of those Windows netbooks that you’ll need a trip to Hawaii to cure your headache and frustration.

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  • Chris

    I’d rather have a an excellent computer for ~3 years rather than a good trip for a few days.
    Btw, 1k dollars of savings aren’t enough for a good vacation

  • Montyburn

    Pity microsoft didn’t add the value of the included software you get with EVERY Mac.. Had they.. the you would be able to afford a holiday to Hawaii from buying the MAC.
    Try comparing applle with apples… not apples with lemons Microsoft!

  • Junaidkureshi

    hahahah…poor microsoft, having car broker as a CEO Add campaign should go like this, MS u r loosing it everyday.

  • Junaidkureshi

    Love u dude….ur comment rocks!

  • Junaidkureshi

    im not gay…..lolzzzzzz

  • Junaidkureshi

    one more thing, people who uses Apple, dont go for penny wise pound foolish, after saving 700$, vacations experience will be same like windows. hahahahaha, fail advertisement.

  • Michael Rygaard

    How about this… if you have it for 2 years, and open/close it 2 times a day, you will save 24 hours, of waiting time… because the mac is instant on from sleep… and even if you boot i think you will save even more, since the super fast SSD in the air will make the windows machines look like something from the 60´s.

    This is like comparing a bicycle custom build in Carbon, and titanium with a cast iron bicycle, only stupid and ignorant people would do that. …but im sure it would be cheaper…(and im also sure you would not want to go any were on it)

  • meiwin

    This is kind of ad campaign is targeted to non-tech savvy users, more importantly they’re existing PC users. My father falls into this group of users.

  • Xeph

    I paid the extra money for a MBP to have less bulk than a PC laptop, the alu unibody is sleek and stronger than plastic, the fan doest sound like a hairdryer, the touchpad with gestures is genius, the keyboard responds, and the power cable setup is a great idea for travelers.
    The extra bonuses post purchase is an OS that works great and is easy to navigate, it has heaps of programs installed so you can get to work straight out of the box, and most importantly it doesnt need virus protection that slows systems down.
    Paying the extra money for a Mac was worth it, especially if you use a computer too much like me ;)
    PS. I am not a Mac-Wanker who suffers from high self esteem and Im not a slave to Apple. Infact, in the last 2 weeks Ive handled 3 PC laptops (even though I was debugging them for friends!!).

  • Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira

    IT people do this all the tim e.
    It is just news because it is Microsoft.

    Most people buy PCs with Windows installed because of this nonsense, IT people makes money from the Windows vendors cartel, and they persuade people to buy those machines. Using this same trick.

    Remember only an ?Fans buy a ?computer meme?

  • marioyohanes

    I prefer to have ‘peace of mind’ while i’m working with my Mac for the rest of my life rather than just a one time surfing experience in Hawaii.

    Sorry but with my Mac I can make lots of money rather than using Windows, not to mention saving medical bills every time you lose your works because of virus, malware or simply forgot to backup during re-installation or backup got corrupted due to complicated backup system from Windows.

    They also missing one statement on this campaign:
    *** Medical bills are not covered by Microsoft for every virus and or malware incidents on your Windows.

  • Farrell Ian

    LOL. So funny.
    Microsoft’s new strategy now is “squirrel!”.
    They need to stop wasting money on pointless campaigns and instead build a new OS from the ground up without all that legacy bloat. But that’d take vision that Steve Ballmar doesn’t have.

  • Chris

    I wonder how they can be serious about advertising Windows Movie Maker

  • green_eggs

    Is it just me – the iMac 27” looks like a much better buy. 27” screen with quad core CPU.

  • mahimahimahi

    “Thankfully you get “security protection” free with each of the Windows netbooks, which will be handy in your never ending mission to beat malware.”

    Lol this is too true. I have so many antivirus programs on my windows machine it isn’t even funny. They catch a good bit of malware too. When I had Linux ( like osX internally but free ) I never had to worry about malware. This year I’m going to purchase my first Mac.

  • Jaime Antonio Rivera

    Well, I was a windows user for years. I didn’t know what a difference using OS X made, and I especially didn’t know that specs cannot be compared across platforms precisely because of the amazing way Macs make the most out of every hardware component that goes into making them. For someone who, like me a couple of years ago, has never used a Mac, this is a very effective campaign. You have to use an Apple product to see the huge difference, and most people only do after they have a friend or family member show them their Macbook or iMac. In some ways, it is like a cult or a religion, in which people only see the light when you let them see it through your experience with the products.

  • Dundz

    I’m moving to Hawaii – then I can buy an Air guilt-free.

  • Zampalior

    That’s absolutely true. I never even thought about using a Mac before a friend of mine decided to buy one and showed it to me. I instantly decided to buy it, and now after more than a year of using it ( I would never ever go back to windows.

  • Ed_Kel

    I would rather spend 1k on an air that will last me 10 years than spend 300 on a computer that will fry in 2.. Let us OSX users “do the math”! 1k air over ten years; 300 spent every 2 years over ten = 1500.. In ten years, who will end up spending more money on computers?

    That should be Apple’s new ad campaign

  • Chris Malone

    You’re right. I would’ve never considered a Mac had I not worked on a Macbook for a week and a half at school.

  • A dude

    i was in the apple store the other day and one of the ppl there told me that since Mac OSX runs UNIX and Not dos, macs require less processing and memory as compared to pc’s

  • Teche21

    I read an article on other website that compared each and every system microsoft was highlighting and showed how much they were lying.

  • Golfchubs

    Have fun replacing your windowz netbook every year. Or spending 40 hours yearly reinstalling your OS. Ick.

  • Greeedos

    With this ad campaign, it’s pretty obvious how Microsoft views it’s customer base…as bunch of unsophisticated, stupid children.

    In a sense, I find this offensive and the main reason I stopped using a Windows-based PC 14 years ago.

    Wake up Windows’s using people !!!

  • nthnm

    What happened to articles, news or otherwise, being written without bias?

  • Steved

    There are 2 huge issues Micro$oft doesn’t want people to think about…1) The iPad is selling like crazy and killing netbook sales and 2) Google is getting ready to release their own 3G netbook which is supposed to lease for $10 to $20 a month. The real issue is that Micro$oft has been sleeping and missed the iOS market completely. The best thing they ever did was Word 5.1, or maybe the Zune.

  • Travis Lundy

    “Of course, Microsoft would rather you focused on price than user experience when you come to buy a new computer.”

    It is true, specs do not tell the whole story. In buying a car a few years back, based on the specs car 2 seemed to beat car 1 but only marginally. After test driving, the “user experience” made up my mind for me to go with car 1. I’m glad to see Apple is really selling a quality, integrated ecosystem with an eye for user experience most definitely lacking in the PC environment.

  • gnomehole

    Personally I’ll buy a Macbook air (already did) AND go on vacation. So stuff it, Microsoft, I don’t want your crap… in my world you get what you pay for, I’ve had enough plastic worthless Windows devices to last a lifetime.

  • steve w

    My laptop which is a PC I bought around 6 years ago.. anyway… What can I say… it’s been awesome.. Never crashed, never had malware or a virus. I’ve never had to reinstall anything. It still starts up fast, has plenty of memory and even has a good amount of hard drive space left. I don’t know about lightweight macbooks, I think my laptop weighs about 6 lbs.. what weakling can’t carry 6 lbs? Don’t have any kids if you can’t carry a 6lb laptop, kids usually weight 7lbs or more. I didn’t go to Hawaii though. I bought a desktop computer as well. It never crashed either but that’s another story I suppose. The most common problem with any computer is the user…

  • steve w

    40 hours… lol… Does it take that long on a Mac or is that just the fastest a Mac user is able to achieve?