Analyst: Apple Sold 500,000 iPhones


Apple sold half a million iPhones in its opening weekend, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster estimates.

Munster was impressed with the raw speed at which the iPhones were sold. Some stores had 50 cashiers selling 1,000 iPhones an hour, he said. Most were the 8-Gbyte model.

It looks like the iPhone is beginning to sell out. Almost every store in California is out, except for one San Francisco store. However, there are iPhones available in New York and other states.

But I bet they’ll be sold out by the weekend. EBay sellers disappointed that the handsets aren’t being snapped up need only wait a week or two and they’ll be scarce again. (iPhone Not Quite The Cash Cow eBay Sellers Were Hoping: by Corey Spring, Newsvine)

  • angus Shangus

    Wow… In one weekend Apple sold more iPhones then Microsoft has sold Zunes in 6 months. Anyone who bought one of those pos zunes must feel like an idiot about now