Watch All 66 of Apple’s Mac vs PC Campaign Ads Online





Apple has provided us with some of the best ads ever created. The Mac vs PC Campaign ads have been some of the most memorably entertaining advertisements to grace the television. Unfortunately Apple pulled the plug on the fun banter between Mac (Justin Long) and PC (John Hodgman) last year. However, should you feel so inclined to walk down memory lane with the plethora of Mac vs PC advertisements, Adweek has compiled all 66 ads for your viewing pleasure. They’ve even got them ordered out chronologically.

[via Adweek]

update: you can also view the ads in a much more pleasant layout on Squrl.

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4 responses to “Watch All 66 of Apple’s Mac vs PC Campaign Ads Online”

  1. Altopod says:

    Unfortunately they don’t include the Japanese and British version.

  2. Jane Kelly says:

    There is squrl collection with all 66 ads in one place, check it out:

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