Tour The Solar System From Your iPad [Review]



NASA has released version 2 of its popular Space Images app for iPad, and it’s lovely.

It’s packed full of gorgeous images from pretty much every aspect of the space agency’s work. Each one comes with a brief explanation, and you can fave or rate the ones you like.

Even better, you can save images to your iPad and use them as wallpapers. And all of this is free. If you have an iPad and you have kids, or even if you don’t have kids, this is well worth downloading.

[xrr rating=100%]

  • Travis

    Not really free…for citizens of the USA our tax dollars pay for NASA…so we’re all paying for this. Not complaining though…looks like a cool app!

  • denevans

    You didn’t pay as much for NASA as your tax payers paid to the banks, and GM and Chrysler … And the US gets a fine return on its NASA investment. The bankers just give themselves bonuses.

  • Bob

    Hmm, I wonder if you thought about mentioning that v 2.0.0 displays nothing but a black screen on the iPod Touch. Perhaps now that the space shuttle is being put to pasture, their qc teams can be put on their ios apps.

  • Guest

    A new update was released for the iPhone version that resolves issues with iPod compatibility.