Want to Get Paid For Using Your iPhone? Gigwalk is the App for You!


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Wouldn’t it be great to get paid to play with your beloved iPhone? Thanks to a new startup Gigwalk, that dream is now a reality. The Silicon Valley startup launched their program today and are accepting applications for new Gigwalkers in cities across America.

Using Gigwalk’s iPhone app, Gigwalkers sign up to complete a list of task in their local area using their iPhone in exchange for a small cash sum (gigs pay between $3 – $50). Once a task is completed, Gigwalkers are paid via a PayPal account that is linked to their Gigwalk account, making everything incredibly simple and efficient. While these small gigs won’t replace your full-time job, you can earn a tidy sum on the side. Gigwalk reported that their highest paid Gigwalker earned $2,173 completing 277 gigs over the 6-month private-beta period.

The idea behind the new service is that every smartphone is a node in a vast network. By tapping into that huge network companies can accomplish huge data tasks that require small amounts of information from a large number of locations in a highly efficient manner.

via Mashable: “During the private beta period, GPS maker TomTom sent Gigwalkers to specific street corners to verify map factors like street names. It wouldn’t have had the funds to check the accuracy of their maps by driving every road themselves. Similarly, Motorola employed the Gigwalk workforce to scope out the positioning of its phones in Verizon stores after the carrier started selling iPhones. Local directories, consumer research firms and real estate companies have also signed on.”

I tried the app out this morning and found it a lot easier to use than many of the crowd-sourcing sites that are out on the web today. You can sign-up via your Facebook account, which will import your personal information for the application process. Once signed up the main screen is a simple Google Map that shows the available gigs in your area. Select a gig and if you think it sounds like something you can do you can choose to “Start Working” or you can share the gig with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Text Message. The current number of cities open to Gigwalk is a bit limited so you may have to wait until they launch in your area, but the concept feels like a fun and simple way to earn a couple bucks on the fly.


  • iphoneglance

    nice, any word on when they will drop this in London?

  • Chris Howes

    Meh …. the list of “gigs” offered are a stack of restaurants, stores and such. Looks suspiciously like a ploy to get you to eat at, and/or become very familiar with the listed establishments and their offerings. Instead of a “10% off” or other discount, you get the novelty factor of being “paid”.

  • Alex

    I suspect the company will go under before it makes across the pond…

  • Meltendo

    Some of the gigs aren’t simple tasks. One gig here in San Diego requires you to take 12 photos and answer 12 questions for nearly $3. It’s for a clothing store and you have to try on a pair of jeans or a skirt as part of the process. If I had my own store, I can see that spending $200 via Gigwalk will generate better traffic than buying a print ad or making flyers. This App won’t be too fun if every gig is “eat something at this place” or “buy and take a photo at this store”

  • Robin B.P.

    like so many apps touted here and in magazines, it’s for US folks only. i wish that we could be notified of this before getting interested and wasting our time. looks ok though?

  • Mike Rathjen

    Actually, it’s limited to an extremely small number of US cities too, so it’s not for most US folks either.