Apple Working on a Wireless Keyboard with Backlighting?



An interesting option within the System Preferences of the new lineup of iMacs launched yesterday has led to speculation that Apple could be working on a new wireless keyboard with backlit keys. Backlit keyboards are currently a luxury only those with MacBook Pros can enjoy.

Within the keyboard menu of System Preferences, users have the option to “Illuminate keyboard in low light conditions.” Without an Apple wireless keyboard equipped with backlighting, this preference obviously has no use whatsoever. Which leads us to believe that, unless Apple made a rare mistake with some code, they’re currently working on a nice new keyboard in the Cupertino camp.

Using a MacBook Pro with a backlit keyboard in low light conditions really is incredibly useful, and I’d be first in line for a backlit keyboard for my desk.

[via 9to5 Mac]

  • AriRomano

    maybe a backlit wired keyboard, but a backlit wireless keybard would kill battery life, I guess.

    also, maybe it’s just a bug.

  • Luis Garza

    Instead of backlit keyboards (which I hate) why don’t people just learn to type? I mean…in the era of computers, typing is a skill that should be like handwriting, minimum basic to be considered civilized human beings.

    Oh! And I hate backlit kboards because they help people be lazy about learning to type.

  • awperk

    i wont lie, one of the big attractors of the macbook pro for me was the backlit keyboard. i’m a great typist but i often find myself lounging around with my MBP off to the side in a dimly lit room and i need to find a number key or something with my off hand. it’s definitely helpful but i’d be more interested in a backlit keyboard for the macbook air than the wireless keyboard

  • Mike Rathjen

    Makes sense. If you use a wireless keyboard with a portable device like iPad or iPhone, you might be in an area with bad lighting. It will have to be VERY efficient to not kill battery life, or they’ll have to switch to high energy density batteries like lithium.

  • Guest

    Its for the MacBook Pros when the screens are in target display mode

  • Jeff

    Why so much hate? What about people who are just learning to be proficient typers? Just be you are the “Almighty Type Lord That Frowns Upon Those With Inferior Typing Skills” doesn’t mean others can’t find a backlit keyboard useful.
    Someone Who Probably Types Better Than You.