PBS, Mythbusters Win Best Entertainment iPad App Awards [Webbys]


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Chalk up another victory for cord cutters: two TV-centric apps won best entertainment apps for the tablet category in this year’s Webby awards.

The free app for network PBS was named the 2011 Webby Award Winner in the entertainment category and science TV program Mythbusters was awarded the People’s Voice Winner.

The other candidates in the app category were Marvel Comics and two sports apps, MLB.com At Bat and GameTime: Courtside.

Categories for the Webby awards sound almost as dated and confusing as its name.

The iPhone app for NPR program “This American Life” won the Webby for Entertainment in the handheld device category, but the people’s choice app for the same category is movie ticket and schedules app Fandango.

Rovio’s Angry Birds is pigeonholed in the “Games – Handheld” category, where it won both the Webby and popular vote, while Jambalaya and Grover’s Special Number won the “Games: Tablets and Other Devices” category. In the Lifestyle – Tablets & All Other Devices category MOMA won the Webby while Target’s iPad shopping app took the popular vote.

The organizers launched the category stating that “Mobile Web has finally outgrown its infancy to become one of the most exciting avenues for content, services and commerce.”

The awards are meant to honor those who have “shown the foresight and ingenuity to excel within a quickly changing and increasingly fragmented Mobile Web universe.”

But the awards themselves prove just how fragmented that world is.