Frenzy Turns Dropbox Into A Private Social Network



Here’s the scenario: you’re a hip web geek working from your hip home, or from some hip coffee shop somewhere in the hip part of town, and you’re always, always sharing links with your colleagues.

Trouble is, you don’t want to share them on Faceter or Twitbook. They might be work-related. Top secret. Or just plain weird.

So you want to share them, and discuss them, privately. How can you do that? Perhaps Frenzy can help.

It’s a Mac app that lives in your Menu Bar. You need an account at Dropbox to make it work.

Frenzy is a mini social network that lives inside your computer’s Dropbox folder. Dropbox comes with a file-sharing system built-in; Frenzy adds a chat system and some clever file- and link-grabbing stuff on top of it.

Now you can instantly share files or URLs with your equally hip co-workers privately. Everything’s stored inside Dropbox, which means it even works while you’re offline and automatically syncs the next time you connect.

Frenzy is free, and currently in beta. The developer has submitted it to the App Store but thinks it will be rejected because it depends on Dropbox. So don’t go looking for it there, go here to grab your copy.