iOS 5 Already In Wide Internal Testing



We all know iOS 5 will inevitably be revealed at June’s WWDC, but the internal testing of iOS 5 is already in full sway, according to 9to5Mac… with the most conspicuous device absent being the iPhone 3GS (although not the iPod Touch 3G).

Even if iOS 5 does debut at WWDC, it’s likely to not be out for another few weeks, giving developers time to update their apps. What are the features you’d most like to see in iOS 5? Let us know in the comments.

  • besweeet

    While I’m sure they’re testing iOS 5, this could easily have been faked. Users can easily change their iOS version number to reflect whatever version of iOS that they want to.

  • theoPhobia

    1. Fix notifications
    2. Easier access to multitasking bar
    3. Fix notifications
    4. At-a-glance information on the lock screen, etc.
    5. Fix notifications

    In all, I’d be happy if they just did something about #1, 3, and 5 ;-)

  • besweeet

    Jailbreak :).

  • Info

    It seems the conspicuous device missing should be the original ipad, no?

  • Jeff

    Nifty windowed multitasking screen we saw in the “fake white iPhone from china” story you guys did a while back, and a new notification system.

  • David Shanahan

    1. A proper notification system.
    2. Support for Android-like widgets on the home screen(s) (and the lock screen).
    3. The ability to sync with iTunes and import/export selected files from/to PCs & Macs via WiFi (and Bluetooth).
    4. A multitasking i/f similar to Expose on the Mac.
    5. The longshot – the option to install apps from places other than the App Store similar to the Android ‘Unknown Sources’ setting.

  • Amazed

    1. Fix notifications, make it like webOS or WP7
    2. Exposé multitasking
    3. Dashboard widgets on home and lock screen
    4. Wireless syncing

    By the way, the most conspicuous device absent isn’t iPhone 3GS, but the iPad.

  • HammyHavoc

    Wireless syncing seems like the next logical step, along with cloud syncing so that you can sync wherever you are, either through their locker service or directly like Back To My Mac.

  • Matt

    Please Apple, we want SWYPE and a good speech-to-text program.

  • loop jassay

    Proper notification system will be out soon!

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