Geek Trend: Dancing at the Apple Store



This is one trend you will either love or hate. It seems that dancing at the Apple Store (and posting the performance to YouTube) continues to grow in popularity. Why let iPod-toting dancing silhouettes have all the fun when you can do it yourself at a mall near you? Especially when every MacBook has an iCam.

One frequent dancer many have seen is iJustine, who’s been dancing at Apple Store locations around the country for several years. Last week the mythical White iPhone 4 finally shipped, so Justine celebrated the occasion down in Orlando. And several shoppers joined in!

• • •

Another YouTube sensation is iTr3vor, a young man who bops, slithers and lip-syncs among counters nearly as tall as he is. There is serious fan rivalry online about whether iTr3vor or iJustine is better, there’s bound to be a dance-off soon.

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Meanwhile SwiffFizz and ensemble go all out for a performance of Usher and Will.i.Am’s OMG in the MacBook section of their local Théatre Apple. Good crowd reaction, lots of people whipping out cameras.

Back when Apple retail stores first opened, they had actual theaters in the back for demos and presentations. Apparently those were before their time…

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And in Los Angeles recently, the cast of the Disney TV-movie Lemonade Mouth performed an unscheduled (but choreographed) song and dance number for an entertained crowd and (mostly) tolerant security staff. Not your average high school musical.

Sheesh. Guess you never know what’s gonna happen at an Apple Store.

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28 responses to “Geek Trend: Dancing at the Apple Store”

  1. Barton Lynch says:


  2. Pavel Linhart says:

    i watched only cause she is hot

  3. Crigger says:

    cam ho

  4. SavedByTechnology says:

    Take it off! Take it ALL off! Yeah, that’s it…a little more to the right.

  5. poppa1138 says:

    Android users must be a right miserable bunch :-\

  6. cheesmo says:

    Make it stop. Please don’t make me rethink not hating Apple.

  7. Hilton979 says:

    Macs may or may not be superior tools, but this kind of thing is why people mock fanboys/girls.

  8. CharliK says:

    I heard that Disney got chewed out about that stunt in the Apple Store. They didn’t ask for permission and it was a huge noise issue and a security issue. Which is also why the staff basically shoved them out of the store as soon as it was confirmed that no they didn’t ask to be allowed to do it.

  9. Wirehedd says:


    I was hoping for a sudden loss of clothing but there were kids in the store. Oh well, she’s still pretty hot. She can’t dance fer shit but she’d look damn good in a whole lot less. :)

  10. Chris says:

    I don’t like her shoes …

  11. Rabbitrabbit1 says:

    I hate them all.

  12. Dean says:

    Best thing is in left background… older Apple employee with look of confusion and mild disgust before he finally cracks a smile…

  13. Beast_m says:

    I hate this woman, she has no shame
    look at the dumb apple employee in the back joining the dance

  14. gregorylent says:

    consumerism as identity .. yay for evolution!

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