Syncstand Offers Cheap Stylish Desktop Home For Your iOS Gadget



This slinky little number is the Sinjimorou Sync Stand, a low-cost stand for iDevices of various shapes and sizes.

It will happily hold your iPhone 4, even if it’s wearing its bumper or some other slim(ish) protective case. It holds various different older iPhone and iPod models too, horizontally or vertically.

Your devices’s standard charging/syncing cable fits snugly into the stand from the back, curling upwards at the front behind the plastic of the stand.

Downside: there’s no grip on the foot, so if the stand is on a shiny desktop, you might find it sliding around when you try and tap on the device.

You can buy one for $18 from Amazon.

(Via purplelime at the Cult of Mac Flickr group)

  • Halo22

    I just purchased this stand and so far it works great. Two things:

    1. There is in fact a rubber strip on the bottom of the back leg, so it doesn’t move around on slick surfaces.

    2. The stand can only accommodate an authentic Apple power cord. I tried using a “generic” power cord I purchased off of Amazon and it was too thick to fit into the provide space.

    A good purchase for the price.

  • Jusdef

    Halo22 I couldnt find the option to buy or the cost on the website. Is the item available for US citizens ?

  • Dan

    It’s on Amazon

  • Rich

    According to reviews on Amazon you cannot use an iPhone 4 with this stand if it has a bumper or case…contrary to what their website states.

  • Halo22

    Dan is correct, this is the one I bought:

  • Halo22

    I have the iPhone 4 with the CapsuleRebel™ Switcheasy phone case (which I think is thicker than the Apple bumper) and it fits just fine.

  • The_BORG

    I bought one of these too. It only likes the official Apple charging/sync cable (too short for what I want to do), although Amazon suggests to by the stand & a 3rd party cable together.

    When I did get it to work, It seemed like the iPhone could easily fall off of the stand.

    Don’t buy this.

  • MemphisJohnny

    I’ve had this for about 4 months docking iPhone 3GS & iPhone 4 – both in cases; fits perfect, highly recommend. Works best with Apple brand sync cable.

  • 3D TV

    What do you think of Motorola Atrix Dock ? Is it better ?

  • HammyHavoc

    Yuck. As I always say; Nothing beats the official accessories, purely because they are minimalist design at the absolute finest. This seems cheap and nasty.

  • KW33

    I just wish it was in a color of any of the Apple products I own. Everything I have is silver and black and this is… white, baby blue or pink?

  • Barry

    There is a black, white, pink, or blue version of this dock on