White iPhone 4 Buyers Think It Makes Them Look Younger, More Attractive To Women



In our last post announcing the availability of the white iPhone 4 on Apple’s web site, we asked who would buy a new iPhone on a two year contract ten months into the lifecycle of the current model.

Hey, why not ask the people in this huge line for the iPhone 4 outside of the Beijing Apple Store?

“New things are always fashionable.” said 19-year old high school student Chen Zhi. “I think girls always like products that are white in color.”

Berry Li, a 22-year old of indeterminate profession, agrees: ““White is brighter. The color makes you feel young.”

In other words: to pick up girls and to fight off the hideous ravages of time. Why will you be buying a white iPhone 4? Give us your examples of magical thinking in the comments!

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61 responses to “White iPhone 4 Buyers Think It Makes Them Look Younger, More Attractive To Women”

  1. Theapplemobileblog says:

    CHen Zhi is a genius, I’m off to get some new white clothes to go with my white iPhone 4, then I’m bound to find a girl!

  2. Nina Marie Høi says:

    He said that girls like products that are white… not guys with products that are white. I think the white iPhone is attractive to many girls, but to deduct that it makes guys look more attractive… don’t think so.

  3. Joe Mommie says:

    prob true on some level, but why not just buy a white case,like the otterbox impact

  4. Theapplemobileblog says:

    Because if you are ugly, yo will still be ugly. It’s just now that you have a white iPhone cover. All I need now is something to sort out my personality and I’m set. Steve……

  5. Theapplemobileblog says:


  6. Alex says:

    “White iPhone 4 Buyers Think It Makes Them Look Younger, More Attractive To Women”

    So Donald Trump bought one ?

  7. Theapplemobileblog says:

    It’s not the white iPhone that does it Alex, it’s the few billion he has

  8. Support 18inc says:

    Everyone knows the white iPad and iPhone are for girls. And no, not more attractive to woman…more attractive to lesbians.

  9. Theapplemobileblog says:

    Erm, I thought lesbians were women

  10. Al says:

    I have a white 3GS because when the guy at the Apple store asked me which color I wanted, I answered, “I don’t care.” And I don’t. Put a case on it and it’s whatever color I want at the moment.

  11. Blacksheep6713 says:

    Anyone over the age of 18 recalls that white electronics are one of Apple’s signature calling cards. People enjoy the white because it’s reminiscent of the iPod, iBook, iMac, MacBook, etc etc etc. Before the release of the iPod white electronics were few and far between. They are appealing because they have a clean, non-standard look. They also have an elegance of an electronic device designed for adults rather than some candy apple red phone you’d see in a middle attendee’s backpack. It has nothing to do with sex. Grow up. Choose your color and enjoy a great product. Don’t sit there and say that the “Signature Apple Style” is for “Girls” only, and then proceed to make an out of place comment regarding alternative lifestyles.

  12. Banpris says:

    What kind of women?

  13. Banpris says:

    What kind of women?

  14. London Snoward says:

    the white iPhone 4 looks disgusting… people want it becuz it stands out and its new and fresh but its ugly…. white is good on iMacs and iPods but hideous on iOS devices …… I’m sticking with black

  15. Anonymous says:

    I waited for the white iphone and finally bought it today. I like to buy my electronics in white whenever possible because the colour just appeals to me. I love the design of Dieter Rams’s products and I think white makes electronics simple and timeless, as Rams’s 1960s products prove.

    No I don’t think it makes me feel younger or look more attractive… That’s just silly. I don’t understand how people can define themselves by the electornics that they buy. I am a huge apple fan but only because their prodcuts work really well and not because of some sort of a stupid fashion statement.

  16. erfon elijah says:

    and what do the asian iphone 4 buyers think? rim shot!

  17. erfon elijah says:

    john if one didn’t see the picture of this post or know the white iphone 4 came out today, the title of this post becomes seriously funny…

  18. sprint10 says:

    Wow we Americans have really become that shallow that a white iPhone makes us feel younger & more attractive…our culture is headed in the right direction!

  19. poppa1138 says:

    there should be official replacement front and rear white panels available now.

  20. TylerHoj says:

    They wish.

  21. Junk3124 says:

    Hear hear.

  22. realchrisjones says:

    You don’t need a white iPhone when you have billions of dollars.

  23. yasza says:

    white color is easy to get dirt, we must clean it up every time..

  24. Alexander530 says:

    Ummmmm, they were interviewing buyers lining up at an Apple Store in Hong Kong.

  25. Alexander530 says:

    Got mine.

    The display quality is different. It has a warmer tone. Blacks are deeper with the white iphone. I wonder if the white one has a different display supplier from the black one. Anyone noticed the difference?

  26. Leeroy Browne says:

    Haha John Brownlee… you took Chen Zhi’s comments the wrong way. When he said “I think girls always like products that are white in color” he would have meant that girls like to have white products like the white iPhone, not that they like guys with them. (Chen is correct too because most girls I know want the white iPhone instead of the black one.) It had nothing to do with being more attractive. Haha this cracks me up.

  27. Alistair H. says:

    “Why will you be buying a white iPhone 4?”

    I won’t buy it. Sorry, i don’t like white phones and the fact that it’s “a mystical white iPhone 4!” doesn’t concern me, I’m not crazy ( my mother had me tested ;-) ).

  28. HammyHavoc says:

    Money immediately makes anybody seem a lot more attractive than they first were.

  29. A Name says:

    Well, there’s the door.

  30. A Name says:

    Congrats! Douche post of the week!

  31. Nathan Johnson says:

    iPod Touch is iOS. But white is hideous on the iPhone. Especially that sensor that’s showing! They should have made that white – it just makes it look uglier. But I always prefer black iPhones, the white ones – you said it right –  are ugly. Black looks better for iPhone. 

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