Three Foxconn Employees Were Arrested For Leaking iPad 2 Design



Between last year’s arterial spray of unreleased Apple products leaking in Vietnam and the surplus of presciently iPad 2 cases popping up in Asia months before Apple unveiled the second-gen tablet, it’s been pretty clear for awhile that Foxconn needed to get its house in order. They had some pretty bad leaks, and given Apple’s notorious secrecy concerning future products, heads were bound to roll.

Now they have. Digitimes is reporting that three Foxconn employees have been arrested for leaking the iPad 2 design weeks (editor’s not: weeks? Try months) before apple’s official announcement.

This all happened back on December 26th, 2010, so we’re just hearing about it, but presumably, this will all send a strong message to Foxconn employees that loose lips sink ships. Given how low the average Foxconn worker’s salary is, though, is it really realistic to believe that even harsh punishments will stop the temptation to pick up some extra yuan by leaking specs to third-parties interested in getting a head start on their accessorizing competition?