Did Apple Spend $4.5 Million on iCloud.com for New Cloud Service?



Apple has reportedly purchased the iCloud.com domain for the new cloud-based storage service it is currently working on, paying $4.5 million to the previous owners who have now rebranded their service. Visitors to iCloud.com are currently redirected to the new service – now called CloudMe – but it is believed Apple will take over the domain when it’s ready.

The report comes from GigaOm, who cites a source familiar with the company:

My source, who is familiar with the company, says that Xcerion has sold the domain to Apple for about $4.5 million. Xcerion hasn’t responded to my queries as yet. At the time of writing, the Whois database showed Xcerion as the owner of iCloud.

MacRumors also received some information on the iCloud rebranding last week, but were unable to obtain enough information at the time to link the change to an Apple takeover.

Apple’s upcoming cloud-based storage service – also dubbed a ‘music locker’ – will purportedly be a solution for storing music and other content online which can then be streamed to internet connected devices, such as the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

The most recent speculation has suggested that Apple is currently in the process of signing deals with all of the major music labels and getting the service ready for launch. An announcement is expected at WWDC in June.

  • Yann Verbeke

    I checked if it was possible to create a Facebook Fan Page with the name iCloud – and I couldn’t. So I guess this is serious information!

  • Ruiner

    I just created an account with the link earlier. Options for full profiles. Single or not, likes and dislikes such as movies, music and books… Odd for a cloud service.

  • Ruiner

    I just tried to download the Mac OS App, but it says there is not one. I did download the iPhone App, CloudMe. Says it was rebranded and updated on the 26th. I tried to login through Safari on my MacBook, but it says it only supports Firefox and Chrome.

  • cnn-2afbbd749c7756827900b8eedf

    but Amazon can buy AMAcloud.com :)

  • prof_peabody

    Good news I suppose, but IMO “CloudMe” sounds better than “iCloud”. Apple got a raw deal.