Check Out This Cool Demo of BMW Apps and iDrive [Video]



Car manufacturers are finally developing better ways to hook your iPhone into your car.

Check out this video demo showing how BMW is integrating the iPhone into car entertainment systems.

Patched in through BMW’s iDrive system, the iPhone can can be used to play music, web radio, or send updates and messages to Facebook and Twitter.

“This suite of technologies allows smartphone features — the things people really love on their smartphone — to be integrated in a safe, easy-to-use way in your BMW,” says BMW Technology Group senior engineer Rob Passaro in the video.

“The great thing about this is, as Apple updates new features on its iPod, we get it automatically. You don’t have to go to the dealership to get these functions in your car as soon as they are available.”

Check it out:

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13 responses to “Check Out This Cool Demo of BMW Apps and iDrive [Video]”

  1. Dsf says:

    this interface may be built for a car, but I don’t think reading facebook updates while driving is the best idea.

  2. Allan Cook says:

    I’m feeling a touch of déjà vu.

  3. Jordan Clay says:

    I Hope angry birds comes as a premium provider, my commute home will go so much quicker. <scarcasm></scarcasm>

  4. Gouldsc says:

    The Interface for that thing looks like visual diarrhea. You’d think BMW could afford to hire a UX designer or two…

  5. FenTiger says:

    I bet it doesn’t make BMW drivers any less a bunch of wankers than they already are…

  6. Ben says:

    I don’t think BMW drivers are wankers… I think they appreciate the safety and comfort of German engineering. American car makers are just now getting close in terms of steering, breaking and safety.

  7. Umer M. Chaudhry says:

    Hmmmm… question is, if we can update the old BMW iDrive firmware to use these freatures…

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