White iPhone 4 Just As Prone To So-Called 'Death Grip' As Old Model | Cult of Mac

White iPhone 4 Just As Prone To So-Called ‘Death Grip’ As Old Model



The white iPhone 4 will be here shortly, and given Apple’s difficulty getting it to market, you could be forgiven for thinking that it is in some way unique compared to the regular iPhone 4 besides chromatically. But nope, it’s basically just an albino iPhone 4, albeit with a different proximity sensor design… and it’s just as prone (or not prone, depending on your personal feelings on the extent of the problem) to the fabled iPhone 4 “death grip” as its predecessor, as this video from Italian Apple blog iSpazio makes clear.

End result? White iPhone 4 drops a bar, but signal isn’t otherwise compromised. Someone alert Consumer Reports: they haven’t had a tizzy about the iPhone 4 lately.