TweetDeck Offers A Lot Of Twitter Features For Free [Review]



Here’s TweetDeck v2, not just an update but a complete “re-imagining” of the original, say its makers.

To create v2 they stripped everything out and started again from scratch. The result is a Twitter client that’s faster and easier to use.

TweetDeck has always been a tool for the serious Twitter user. Its USP was columns, user-editable streams of tweets covering anything you can think of – search terms, trending topics, hashtags, you name it. If you want to keep an eye on certain topics on Twitter, TweetDeck is one of the best ways of doing it.

New in v2 is a feature called custom columns, which lets you combine a variety of different sources into one column. Support for Instapaper is included, but not yet for Twitpic. Apparently that’s coming in the next update.

Here’s an overview video:

Is it everyone’s cup of tea? No. Not mine, I prefer to keep Twitter short and sweet and simple, so I have no need of multiple columns. But if you’re a serious Twitter addict, or make use of the site professionally, TweetDeck might be just the thing for you. Given that it’s free, you have little to lose, and there’s a lot on offer.

TweetDeck 2 is available now on the App Store.