Cool Transparent iPhone 4 Rear Panel Now Available to Purchase



Remember that really cool transparent rear panel for the iPhone 4 we posted about a while ago? It was allegedly achievable by removing your device’s rear panel and eliminating its black paint with some paint thinner – allowing you to look in on the iPhone’s internal beauty. Now you can have your own transparent iPhone without ruining your device’s housing with paint thinner.

iFixit have just released their new transparent iPhone 4 rear panel for just $29.95. The panel includes the flash diffuser and camera lens, so you require nothing more to acheive this ultra cool mod.

Installing the panel is easy: you simply remove the two screws at the base of your device and the rear panel slides off. Recent iPhone 4s will require a pentalobe screwdriver, whereas earlier models will require a Phillips #00 screwdriver.

The panel is currently only compatible with GSM models of the iPhone – apparently Apple has modified the rear panel layout for the CDMA iPhone, so Verizon customers are out of luck.

  • Jrbingo2

    That is ugly as all hell!!

  • Borgno

    I didn’t realize the iPhone runs that new Li-ion operating system.

  • ray

    It’s also in plastic. I also wouldn’t remove the shielding. Plus you may have to buy a pentalobular screwdriver to swap it out. Looks to me this costing almost 50 bucks with everything plus shipping and taxes.

  • randall

    Wasn’t the whole reason for the delay of the white i4 because of light leaking on the back camera? Wouldn’t this just do the exact same thing?