Watch These Dancers Flashmob Apple’s Store In L.A. [Warning: Music Will Drive You Crazy]



Dancing at Apple’s retail stores is becoming quite a trend. First there was iJustine, followed by the lip-syncing kid iTr3vor, and now the cast of a Disney TV movie.

Over the Easter weekend, the cast of Disney’s new made-for-television movie, “Lemonade Mouth,” invaded the Apple retail store at The Grove in Los Angeles to dance a number in front of amused shoppers.

Staff eventually gently shoed them out, but unfortunately not before the movie’s title song “Determinate” drives you absolutely f–king crazy.

Via TUAW and IFOAppleStore.

  • iJR

    that is f’in awesome lol

  • devunish

    Meanwhile over in the Microsoft store….(the sound of crickets)

  • devunish

    Meanwhile over in the Microsoft store….(the sound of crickets)

  • Finderwindow

    I actually kind of like the tune. They did great job. Kind of reminds me of ….when I was in high school.

  • Simeon Latham

    When did Disney become a breeding ground for homosexuals, I think it was about the time high school musical “came out”.

  • pickme2

    Hmmmm, not a very good flash mob, to be honest. Looked more like a bunch of kids that decided to dance a bit.

  • Bfous1994

    I wish i was there

  • imajoebob

    How does 15 people constitute a mob? How does a choreographed (literally), meticulously planned performance constitute a “flash?” A few hundred people showing up out of nowhere – hundreds of nowheres – at Victoria Station to dance to their own private iPod music is a flash mob. Santa Clauses as far as the eye can see mysteriously meeting up in Leicester Square to sing carols is a flash mob. This might barely qualify as guerrilla marketing (just barely). though since this is Disney whose largest shareholder is also Apple’s largest shareholder it’s really just a publicity stunt (how many coordinated camera angles can you have and still qualify for guerrilla status?), but it’s definitely not a flash mob.

  • GHo5t

    Cute. It could have been coordinated between Disney and Apple via Steve but I’m not convinced.

    However, if this occurs at other establishments such as Starbucks, Lincoln Center, or McDonalds then I would agree that this is more than just a cool prank and the Disney Board must be involved.

  • GrimWit

    Loved it. They had fun and the crowd did too.

  • Canalmachispano

    The best thing about video is the end, when Apple employees were cast. So I like Apple, they give you free advertising (besides themselves) that I would bring you the news and you send them to the street.

    If Apple gets no money, no one here gets no money. Droit de seigneur, as in the Middle Ages.

  • Denser

    It’s bad and boring.

  • gareth edwards

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah – some sick came up. NO. Not funny, FAIL. smallest flash mob ever? Yup. T-Mobile UK did some of the best flash mob promos as far as I am concerned. If you can’t get a big crowd together just don’t bother, it looks so weak. Done right, done big, done clever….

  • macdude

    Wow… that was TOTALLY gay. Hey Kids… listen to some MUSIC by ARTISTS who aren’t overproduced synth bleep box crap with repetitive chords for a change.

  • Fabiano Menis

    Very cool. Genial. And the music is infectious (in a good way)!

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