Report: Smartphone Market Tilting Toward Android



Google’s Android smartphone OS now has a double-digit lead on Apple, according to a new survey released Tuesday morning. Android is used by 37 percent of smartphone users, compared to the iPhone, owned by 27 percent of smartphone users, found a March survey by measurement firm Nielsen.

The findings illustrate a dramatic change in consumer attitudes since October 2010. In that survey, the iPhone lead with 27.9 percent of smartphone owners, just edging out the BlackBerry’s 27.4 percent. Android was No. 3 with 22.7 percent. Now, Android is No. 1, Apple No. 2 and BlackBerry is No. 3, with 22 percent of the market.

The results mirror an earlier IDC survey which predicted Android would control just under 50 percent of the smartphone market by 2015 and Apple’s iOS slipping to 15.7 percent.

Perhaps more disturbing, the number of people expressing plans to purchase an Android smartphone is growing while that desire is falling among consumers considering Apple. Nielsen found 31.1 percent of those surveyed in March planned to buy an Android handset, up from 25.5 percent in late 2010. (Half of those surveyed said they purchased an Android-based smartphone in the last six months, according to Nielsen.) By comparison, 30 percent of consumers surveyed said they will buy an iOS-based smartphone, down from 32.7 percent.

[All Things Digital]

  • cyberb0b

    This really has more to do with the market being flooded with free and low cost handsets across multiple carriers than with a preference for the OS. The entry of point of an iPhone is $200 (unless you go with a $49 3GS) and you are currently restricted to the two most expensive wireless carriers, AT&T and Verizon. If the iPhone had a free or $99 version on T-Moblie or the other sub-carriers/pre-pay services, those numbers would be a much narrower margin.

    Either way this doesn’t really make one OS better than the other. There are always more cheap cars on the road than expensive ones.

  • elnzaod

    I’m right there withyou.

    Of course there are gonna be A LOT MORE handsets with android than iOS on the street, but that ain’t going to make it better.

    Just like you said on the road there are ALWAYS going to be more cheap cars…

  • Barton Lynch

    andriod has cheap phones as well as good phones, they have tons of phones from tons of companies, people should be amazed at how long iOS stayed ahead of them, not talking about how they’re behind now

  • Ashley Joseph

    I’d rather have profit share :)

  • Alexandre Silva

    You should state that this is US market only….

  • cyberb0b

    You said it. If I can produce one device that makes me a billion dollars versus 10 that makes me ten million, who’s “winning”?

  • Francesco

    I agree, I think that some people are going to buy an “Android” smartphone because some of them are affordable compared with they iPhone. Here in Mexico one with no contract and free to use with any company is around $960 USD. I know lots of people who want an iPhone but they just can´t afford it.

  • cyberb0b

    And the term “behind” is really not the right word. They have never taken the approach of owning the entire market share of anything. Just being the most profitable. I find it amusing that haters refer to Apple users as “sheep” when in fact, they are the one using Android on their mobiles and Windows on their PC’s and that’s what the majority of people use. I’ve been an Apple user for many, many years and always considered Windows users as the “sheep”..

  • imajoebob

    What IS the iPhone’s market? Apple has zero market share in sub-$500 computers, just like BMW has zero market share in subcompacts under $20K: because they don’t sell to that market. So what is the iPhone market share of mobile buyers who actually purchase a plan that supports smartphone use? I doubt there are any users who paid $500 for an iPhone and then connect it to a 5¢ a minute pay-as-you-go plan, while there are a number of Android phones all but given away with these plans. Why wouldn’t a carrier give them away, since the basic OS is free?

  • Nick

    I’d like to know how big the survey’s are….. couple hundred people? couple thousand? million? Do they actually get figures of handset sales across the entire population? or just the local pub? In film we change an entire ending to a movie because a handful of random people that fit into one small cinema decide it’s so. You could never guarantee a true cross section when dealing with a handful of people.

  • UrMom306

    ..charlie sheen..