Preserve your iPhone with Steve Jobs in Carbonite


Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone Case

Now this is cute – and it likely won’t last. Society6 studio Burb is offering a Steve Jobs in Carbonite case for the iPhone. Very touching. Keep your iDevice clean and snug with the essence of Apple retained.

Available for iPhone 4 and 3G/3Gs, $35. Act fast, Apple’s next Cease & Desist is likely on the way…

[via TUAW]

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12 responses to “Preserve your iPhone with Steve Jobs in Carbonite”

  1. Scott Duval says:

    i wish i had an iphone just so i could buy this

  2. Starwars fan says:

    I’m going to buy one even though I dont own an iphone. Then i’m going to buy an iphone to put in it.

  3. Support 18inc says:

    I bet the designers of this sat down and said…I’m bored, you wanna get sued by Apple and Lucasfilm? Meh, sure…why the eff not.

  4. mailorders says:

    I just ordered one.

  5. Freddyq says:

    Just ordered one. If Apple order production ceased it will become a collectors item.

  6. Matt Harris says:

    Mine arrived a few days ago. The picture is quite deceiving. It is not a very good quality but it still is really cool. I still have mine on.

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