White iPhone 4 With T-Mobile 3G Surfaces



The entire Internet is aflame, at least by. The standards of your average Saturday night, on word that Boy Genius Report has gotten ahold of a strange pre-production white iPhone 4 loaded up with admin and field-testing apps and running quite nicely on T-Mobile 3G. That’s quite newsworthy, as no shipping iPhone supports the obscure 1700 MHz AWS band that T-Mo rolls in the U.S.

There are many number of ways of faking this — I still find it hard to believe that you wouldn’t take some serious pictures of the hardware in search of differences from the existing iPhone 4 if you actually had it in your hands — but the various software screens are fairly convincing, including a number of apps I’ve heard are used in testing, but that mere mortals like us never see.

On the one hand, it makes sense for Apple to expand it’s reach to as many standards as possible now, especially since AT&T will likely own T-Mobile unless anti-trust regulators hold up the acquisition. On the other hand, the intent of that deal is to convert all of T-Mo’s towers to LTE fairly rapidly. It’s interesting.

Have a look through the gallery and let us know what you think — I’m actually most skeptical of Apple Connect. Would Apple really copy pattern unlock from Android?

  • CharliK

    I have sources at Apple Retail who have confirmed that all that Switchboard, Radar etc are company in house apps and those are the correct icons etc. And yes Apple is using gestures in house.

    This phone is most likely a test unit from months ago set up to prepare for the end of the ATT contract. Hell ATT jumping on to buy T-Mobile makes a lot of sense if Apple had already tested their iphone on that system so ATT knew they were buying something that would work.

  • poppa1138

    if the iphone5 is expected within the next 12months,is it wise to get locked into a long contract just to have a white iphone4.how close is the sucker line for buying iphone4.

  • Neil

    Any iPhone in the UK with a T-Mobile UK SIM card in it will look exactly like that. I’m not saying it’s fake, I’m just pointing out that if that iPhone is outside the US, it’s pretty easy to see T-Mobile 3G at the top of the screen.

    Here’s a screenshot from my (black) iPhone 4 taken a few minutes ago.

  • Grahas

    T-mobile UK

  • Cody

    I’m sorry, but if I were apple and I lost another one of my test phones, the first thing I would do is either lock my phone or remotely wipe my phone using find my iPhone app. That just seems to be the most logical thing to do in a case like this.

  • katai26


  • randall

    Jailbreak an iPhone and you can make it say whatever the hell you want at the top. Mine has my initials instead of AT&T. It just seems unlikely Apple would lose ANOTHER test/prototype.

  • Raj

    Exactly what us Canadians on Wind and Mobilicity were hoping for! Can’t wait!


  • Chrags

    This is fake fore many reasons:

    1) the sensor on the top of the ear piece is many black squares which is the old/ eBay ones you can find anywhere.


    The new official white iPhone that has been released by vodafone has the newly updated sensor


    2) the back of the phone has the word “iPhone” in the non official font. Look at the back of your phone. On a real one it will look thicker and bolder. This one is fake because I have ordered a fake just like this on eBay before.


    3) the T mobile carrier logo looks way too spaced out from the 3G. I remember when using make it mine, it does space out the texts more. If you have a non manipulated AT&T iPhone, it should look tighter and closer.


    4) I could be wrong on this but I haven’t seen or heard of an officiall iPhone having a springboard option, but I have heard of it on Curia.

  • Chrags


  • Donovan

    @Chrags: Look how spaced out the Verizon logotype looks from the 3G:

  • 2040tech

    T-Mobile in some areas does have the 3G HSPA/+ band available including the Philadelphia area if your lucky you might get it!