85% Of All Tablets Are iPads



Needless to say, the iPad is utterly dominating the still nascent tablet market… but the extent of its domination might surprise you: according to New York based ABI Research, Apple controls eighty-five percent of the tablet market.

It gets worse… for the competition, that is. The next most dominant tablet maker is Samsung, yet they control only 8% of the market. Finally, Archos — European maker of many puffed up PMPs posing as bargain-basement craplets — controls a distant two percent.

The rest of the competition controls market share too small to count. At the end of the day, Apple and three competitors control 95% of the tablet market between them.

That won’t last, though. There are a lot more frickin’ tablets on their way this year.

“Many new entrants are looking to differentiate themselves from the $600+ ASP of the iPad, so low-feature and low-cost designs will become common,” said ABI’s Jeff Orr. “We expect between 40 and 50 million media tablets to ship worldwide in 2011.”

Let’s hope at least one of these tablets is actually competitive with the iPad 2. We don’t want Apple to get complacent designing the iPad 3, do we?