Steve Jobs Loves Noah Wyle in Pirates of Silicon Valley



Steve Jobs isn’t the kind of guy who likes it when smartass no-goodniks pretend to be him. Take it from me, a man who once spent the better part of six months in traction after donning a turtleneck and trying to bluster my way past security at Apple’s Corporate HQ by loudly squealing “My name is Steve Jobs!” in my best Truman Capote voice.

There’s at least one man out there, though, who has pretended to be Steve Jobs and not found his teeth grinning out of the opposite orifice. That man is Noah Wyle, aka that dreamy Dr. Carter from E.R., who played Steve Jobs in the famous 1999 biopic Pirates of SIlicon Valley.

So says Paul Allen, at least. He’s the co-founder of Microsoft, a notorious patent troll and the author of the new biography Idea Man. He says that Noah Wyle portrayed Jobs as a “mean-spirited jerk.” Far from being offended, Jobs seemingly approved, saying that Wyle did “a fantastic job.” Or should we say… fantastic Jobs. Groan, cymbal crash, sound of rotten tomatoes pummeling human flesh.