4 Million iPads Sold Since December, 60 Million iPod Touches Sold Since 2007



Apple’s usually pretty good about crowing about the number of devices it’s managed to sell to consumers… at least when they’re selling well. Yet Cupertino has kept iPod Touch numbers surprisingly close to its breast since the plucky touch PMP debuted in 2007.

Not that Apple hasn’t released numbers at all, just that they generally dump all iPod numbers into one catch-all “iPod” category. No one’s ever really believed this was because the Touch was a shameful dud — clearly it’s a hot seller — but if you ever wanted to know exactly how many iPod Touches were floating out there in the wild, just waiting to beam out their secret personality suppression fields once Steve Jobs finally gets around to thumbing that “Global Domination” button in his office… well, you had to guesstimate.

No longer. One interesting little perk of Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung is that we finally know how many iPod Touches have been sold: 60 million since it launched in September 2007.

There’s more. In the same filing, Apple claims to have sold 19 million iPads since March 2011: four million more than Apple said had been sold by December 2010. That implies that Apple sold four million more iPads in the last three months, and my guess is at least half of those are iPad 2s. Tomorrow’s earning call should give all the details there.

Finally, the iPhone continues to be Apple’s biggest seller: they’ve sold 108 million iPhones since March, 2011. That’s 8 million more than Steve Jobs said had been sold on March 2nd, and implies that the Verizon iPhone might have been a bigger seller than previously anticipated. Again, more details tomorrow!

  • Dave Stephens

    typo in the headline – 4 million ain’t right

  • B Stur

    Do you mean to say “since March 2010”? since today is April 19, 2011, “since March 2011” would be that Apple sold 108 million iPhones and 19 million iPads in almost 7 weeks…

  • SavedByTechnology

    It shouldn’t say “since March 2011”, it should say “as of March 2011”. Come on John, get it right.

  • Sahanatrymytech

    i Think its as of march as i too feel the same…becasue of the sale of ipad 2 in the launching month

  • Damircea

    Every friend I have owns an ipod touch and I must admit, that’s an awesome piece of machinery!