Apple’s Demo iPhones Can Place Calls And Leave Caller ID



As you might expect, Apple has thrown out tons of iPhone demo units so you can get the full experience in the store. As you might not expect, it’s actually capable of placing calls – and Apple isn’t blocking caller ID. How do I know? Because I accidentally called the Hayes Street Grill in San Francisco and hung up in horror. And then leaped back as a return call came in. I answered, of course. I then called my fiancee to capture the number of the phone. I would think this is a bad idea for Apple to have those numbers readily available, but what the heck? The number is 408-398-9220. Please use it responsibly – this can be the new John Appleseed number.

6 responses to “Apple’s Demo iPhones Can Place Calls And Leave Caller ID”

  1. rober1337 says:

    LOL!! it works!! I’m saving this in my phonebook and calling it every once in a while!!

  2. 01 says:

    I realized this yesterday when I called my roommate from a display phone at the apple store. Everyone at the table stopped what they were doing and watched me talk on the phone, don’t think anyone had figured out they were activated. When we got home, I realized the 408 number in her phone must have been from the iPhone. I called it back and surprised the hell out of some poor guy at the Apple store. I asked for Steve Jobs, but chickened out and hung up after his amazed “whoa….” Good times for all.

  3. 01 says:

    Oh, and as a side note, they must have batch-activated these in Cupertino, as the display phones all seem to have a 408 area code.