2Phone Case for iPhone 4 Gives You an Additional SIM Slot




The new 2Phone case for the iPhone 4 from Rebelsimcard.com features a SIM card slot that enables you to install and use an additional SIM card with your device. Both SIMs will work simultaneously, so there’s no need to switch back and forth – enabling you to make and receive calls on 2 different lines, with two different carriers.

The $250 2Phone case actually looks pretty good, and also features a 800mAH rechargeable battery that provides your iPhone with some extra juice when you need it.

Unlike other dual-SIM accessories for the iPhone, this one consolidates the SIM slot into the case, as opposed to leaving it hanging out of the device. The 2Phone also seems to be the only dual-SIM method that allows you to use both SIM cards simultaneously.

In order to use the 2Phone, you’ll need the accompanying 2Phone application – which requires a jailbroken iPhone. Unsurprisingly Apple wouldn’t allow the 2Phone app into the App Store.

Although it may be incredibly useful to some, $250 for an iPhone case is pretty steep. Would you buy one?

[via iPhone Download Blog]

  • Monty Lee

    According to the companies web page, jailbreak is required to use this.

  • KillianBell

    Hi Monty. Please see 4th paragraph: “…you’ll need the accompanying 2Phone application – which requires a jailbroken iPhone.”

  • daniel

    free shipping by DHL

  • sasa

    Hi Killian thank for the review, I’ve found it for 179$ with Simore at

  • rob

    can u use it on a cdma phone?

  • Mike Ibraham

    Worst Product ever, bought one, Waste of money, 0 Support and very bad application. (useless) am going for Gmate.