Keep Your Mac Mac Running Like A Mean Machine [Video How-To]



It happens to everyone. After time, your Mac will start to slow down. This can get awfully frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. The free application OnyX can help your Mac run just like it did the day you bought. With some simple maintenance, your Mac will be just like new! In this video, you can find out how to get Onyx and use it to tune up your system.

  • prof_peabody

    I haven’t used it, but that is one bad looking UI. It looks like something off of a Windows machine.

    The program is presumably for users that don’t know how to clean things themselves manually, yet it presents a confusing array of click boxes about things that the user has no way of knowing about? How does your mum, or a non-technical user even know what they are doing when they tick a box that says “other components” under “system cleanup”??

    Bad design IMO.

  • arti.fact

    I noticed the Cocktail has added something that OnyX has’nt yet. A new “purge inactive memory and optimize virtual memory usage”. I’m wondering how this might help when swapping between RAM and virtual memory if you open and close applications constantly?

  • dcj001

    At 2:22 of the video: “The volume needs to be repaired.”

    You may want to look into that, Michael.

  • Edgar Rios

    it won’t always be rainbows and butterflies.

  • Edgar Rios

    but yeah i agree with you, it still sucks.

  • martinberoiz

    I’ve had my mac for 2 years now, and I never noticed a slow down. But that might be just me… Since I switched to mac I forgot about virus scans, register cleaners, defrags, and all that tools that I thought were essential for performance! OS X is a very solid OS.

  • Chris

    in Mac OS X there is no registers like in Windows, but there is automatic defragmentation, so you don’t have to worry about that

  • flyboybob

    I used to use Onyx and I never found any increase in speed or any other value except for cleaning the Caches. As the video showed they are automatically cleaned at night if your computer is not asleep. An easier way to clean your caches is to use ‘Cache Out X’. The beauty of Unix is that it does all of these maintenance functions in the background. You can repair the permissions using Disk Utility.

  • dougitdesign

    Could someone tell me what a “Mac Mac” is?

  • Dolphinsafe1

    Ditto, tinch… And while there are many reasons I will never go back to PC, this stands out. My MacBook Pro performs as well today as it did right out of the box, and with virtually no maintenance on my part…

  • jnjnjn2

    Don’t know what your doing, but slowing down is something that happens to Windows boxes, not Macs. All my systems (iMac, MacBook (2007) and Mac Mini (2006)) run as fast as they did when I bought them. Faster even because several OS updates improved operations considerably.
    Slowing Macs is a myth.


  • Robert Pruitt


  • SavedByTechnology

    I’d be worried about clicking something that says ‘execute’

  • johnbijl

    All I heard was “…you don’t have to worry about that…” and “…just click execute…”.

  • Junaidkureshi

    what a shitty thing, i just used it and it slows my computer like hell, what the hell was in your mind when you made this article, i dont know how to get my fast system back, what this stupid app executed i dont know, man im f**ked

  • lacefront
  • MacGoo

    Hmmmm. Crappy useless software being sold to us as something desirable and useful? Smells like a sponsored article Michael. Maybe a disclosure is in order…

  • John Neumann

    I’ve used Onyx for years on several of my Mac products. Does it do anything useful? I perceive slight performance enhancements afterwards. Does it do anything the Mac isn’t doing for itself? I have no clue. It was free, has a track record of positive reviews going back many years and I do not mind running some maintenance on my daily workhorse.

    Use it if you like or feel free to not.

  • Michael Steeber

    Not sponsored

  • Michael Steeber

    You’ll just have to restart your computer, maybe a few times. When opening up certain applications for the first time after running Onyx, they may seem slow (they are rebuilding a cache) but they should speed up afterwards.

  • Junaidkureshi

    hey thnx for your concern, u r right its getting better after couple of restarts, but still not the same, but if after doing it and system gets slow and needs 3-4 restarts that the purpose of this software is fail, if fast booting needs those caches then why we need to clean up system with this, im not impressed, its not good.

  • Ivanatkinson

    maintenance has been running for 5 hours should i be worried????

  • George Burroughs

    Thank you!!! It definitely helped speed up my oldest iMac. I appreciate it.

  • mau_Ro

    it’s free

  • MacGoo

    Your point being?

  • MacGoo

    In that case, maybe more research is called for before posting such articles. This product falls into the same category as snake oil and tornado fuel economy optimizers.

  • Amazed

    CleanMyMac is better.