‘Tweetbot’ for iPhone Deserves its Release Day Hype [Review]



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9 responses to “‘Tweetbot’ for iPhone Deserves its Release Day Hype [Review]”

  1. London Snoward says:

    Conversation thread of each tweet is an AWESOME feature

  2. besweeet says:

    Nice UI, just not as fast as the official Twitter client IMO. Getting things done seems faster and easier with the official app. Everything from replying to tweets (swipe on a tweet>tap on the icon, instead of triple-tapping or some shit) to viewing profiles just seems more straightfoward and more for the power-user. Tweet other is better for those who care more about the UI than anything else.

  3. HammyHavoc says:

    Fully agreed. Not bad, but I think I shall be sticking with TweetDeck.

  4. jonsky says:

    Conversation thread is what’s lacking in twittelator pro which is also a lot more expensive. Damn I bought twittelator pro a few weeks ago.

  5. NQuina says:

    What do you mean by this?! 

    “One of the only downsides to Tweebot is the lack of dedicated notifications – though there is support for notifications through Boxcar, I’d still prefer to have them built-in.” 

    Tweetbot has notifications…

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