Report: iPhone 5 To Start Manufacturing In September, iPhone Nano Possible In 2012



With the February release of the Verizon iPhone and the Schiller-claimed shipment of the white iPhone 4 “real soon”, rumor consensus at this point has the iPhone 5 pegged for a September launch instead of a traditional summer unveiling.

Could it end up being even later than that, though? A new analyst report says that it might slip later, with iPhone 5 production only set to start in September.

The note comes from Avian Securities, who tell investors that Apple won’t be gearing up to manufacture iPhone 5s until September, consistent with other reports that says Apple won’t release the iPhone 5 until fiscal 2012, which starts in late September.

More intriguingly, Avian also claims that Apple’s planning a lower-priced iPhone with less expensive components. This isn’t a 2011 release. Rather, it’s a “placeholder” product with no known components or release date.

That sounds a lot like the iPhone Nano we reported back in February, a streaming-only iPhone that will allow Apple to better compete in the pre-paid and budget markets.

  • snaab4

    Please get your facts straight when you are waxing prolific in your blog: Every company/business has their own fiscal year. Apple’s fiscal year runs from 1 October through 30 September. Thus their fiscal year doesn’t start in late September, but actually on 1 October. I’m sorry to be picky, but I put up with hundreds of inaccurate generalizations like this for every time I am moved to actually comment.

  • CharliK

    To be honest, I won be shocked if there is no iPhone this summer and they shift it to next spring with the iPad in early summer.

    As for the iPhone nano, I call bs. It is probably still the same 8gb 3GS that is their low end. Just maybe with ATT allowing pay as you go plans