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New PowerMacs, PowerBooks, Pro Photo Software



Apple’s at it again. New pro lineup:

Power Mac: Dual-core PowerPC chips across line. Two models: Dual and Quad, which features two dual-core processors, up to 2.5GHz per core. Four PCI Express slots, and “wicked-fast workstation graphics” that can power up to eight Cinema Displasy! Eight! Starts at $2,000; top-of-the-line starts at $3,200.

PowerBooks: Higher res displays (1440-by-960 on the 15″), longer battery life and SuperDrives as standard. $1,400-$2,500.

Aperture: Pro touch-up and archive photo tool. Supports RAW. $500. Not really a Photoshop killer; more like iPhoto on steroids. Get this — it requires Dual 2GHz G5 or faster, 2GB of RAM, 5GB of HD space for ap and tutorials (not counting giant RAW files), and ATI Radeon X800 XT card or better! No worries about it getting pirated: who has the hardware to run such a beast?

I actually don’t like product announcements like this. It makes my 18-month-old PowerBook and G5 look feeble and decrepit. Damn Apple!

6 responses to “New PowerMacs, PowerBooks, Pro Photo Software”

  1. sabadash says:


    How should I feel? I’m

    still using my old

    Apple Abacus.


  2. Stuart says:

    bit of a non update for the PowerBooks.

    Rather half arsed, like they had to do it whilst waiting around for the intel chips.

    Having just upgraded from a TiBook 667 to a 1.33″ AluBook. I’m rather behind but to me this thing zooms along

  3. thorsten says:

    well, and after I already ordered last weeks products I will skip these. But I can’t wait to get Aperture ;)