Could a Dodgy Advert Contain a Virus That Wipes Your iOS Device?



According to several reports from various sources recently, it seems there could be a nasty ‘virus’ lurking in dodgy internet adverts that wipes your iOS device when you tap on them. Users searching for jailbreak and unlock methods on their devices are the ones currently at risk.

When performing a search for these hacks on an iOS device, false adverts are returned that claim to unlock your device for free. Tapping on them takes you to a webpage that shows an animation lasting 10 to 15 seconds, followed by a message that says: “DOWNLOAD UNLOCK 2 NOW FREE.” By this point the device is completely wiped of all your information.

Though these reports are a little vague and don’t really offer any confirmation on whether or not this kind of virus is feasible, the number of reports and complaints from disgruntled users are certainly cause for concern.

Some may remember that there was also a method of jailbreaking a device through Safari, which Apple fixed in a software update shortly after it was made famous – so it’s certainly possible to perform hacks through the web browser.

Apple has done a great job of keeping its products virus free over the years, and its rare you hear about a virus that effects iOS or Mac OS X devices. However, there are always people out there who dedicate their time to breaking in for all sorts of purposes.

While some reports are advising users to steer clear of jailbreak and unlock adverts, there’s no evidence to suggest other ads aren’t effected. We’ve contacted some experts on iOS security for their comments, and we’ll publish them as soon as they’re in.

[via iPhone Download Blog]

  • Maswind

    “sheer number of reports”

  • B066Y

    Wait, people actually click on ads???

  • WVMikeP

    They’re people like my wife’s former co-worker who gave up a bunch of information when he was informed (through no action on his own) that he won a Dell laptop. His parents too. (I guess it IS genetic…)

  • Scaly

    I never hear about OS X viruses, other than people who make claims about “rare ones.” I’d like to see ONE (and not *like* to see it), but it doesn’t exist. Trojans are a far different beast but, admittedly, equally as dangerous if run.

  • khanlala

    i am hearing this for the first time ………………