Hotel in Sydney Provides an iPad 2 in Every Room



Visitors to The Establishment Hotel in Sydney, Australia, can now enjoy access to an iPad 2 during their stay after the hotel recently deployed one of the devices to each and every one of its 31 rooms. The iPads are free to use and include a selection of movies and music including the hotel’s welcome video. There’s also a collection of apps that provide access to international news in addition to travel and restaurant guides.

Justin Hemmes, Merivale’s CEO, said the company is looking at ways in which it can further integrate technology into its hotels:

Now that we have the hardware, we are only limited by our own imagination. Well, maybe also by the software developers’ abilities but seriously, we will be looking at ways in which we can integrate this technology further into the whole guest experience

As well as the iPad, guests also get an AppleTV and surround sound system in their room which enables them to enjoy the iPad’s content on the big screen over AirPlay. If I wasn’t in Sydney, I wouldn’t want to leave the room!

[via MacStories]

  • Chenalive

    I think this isna bit of a waste. The iPad is such a personal thing, that if you can’t download “your stuff” that the enjoyment, and use (for business) would be limited, at best.

  • wholesaledealer

    That is great offer from Sydney hotel and that is very productive marketing strategy and also has a good touch in hotel market. I hope this offer will be helpful for their owner and staff. Thanks for sharing informative post.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    What you say is so true. The hotel really wanted to let guests have Windows tablets which would have been a lot more useful but they couldn’t wait for Microsoft to port Windows 8 to ARM. How unfortunate for them they had to waste good money on those poorly-selling iPad 2s which nobody is using.

  • TylerHoj

    Let’s see, iPad 2 with movies and airplay in which you can also check the weather and map details of where you’ll be heading that day vs…an old hotel TV with the news, and maybe a movie selection that costs you 5 bucks a pop. Or how bout quickly look up a nice restaurant in the area on your iPad vs paying to use to your cell internationally or paying a hotel to use wifi per hour. I’ll take an iPad equipped hotel over your standard boring hotel room any day!

  • hotelssydney

    hopefully guests won’t get tempted to bring home that fancy gadget haha.. but this is great addition to the accommodation.. great thinking

  • henrey

    i just hope no guest will bring home the gadget when they leave the hotel

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  • serajms01

    Its good to know about that hotel provides iPad 2 in all the rooms. I liked using the iPad 2 very much. Its really superb. Thanks for the information.

  • piter mills

    I think this one is very excellent and great hotel of the Sydney to provide ipod to each hotel rooms.I like this great and classic hotel service.I love this great idea and facilities.


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