This Table Is Touch Sensitive, Like The iPhone That Inspired It



It looks like a stack of iPhone 4s, but this is a coffee table — the iTable.

It’s also a speaker dock with a motorized speaker bar that rises like a stage organ when your hand is swiped across the  touch-sensitive controls (see the video below).

Designed a built by Kyle Buckner, who is best known for custom car interiors, the iTable is the first in a line of Apple-themed furniture.

“I am creating a line with this category,” said Buckner by IM.

Lots more pictures and a video after the jump:

Buckner’s iTable has a scratch-proof finish, a built-in subwoofer and a pair of LED-lit cup holders. Pricing hasn’t been set. Each table is custom made. Buckner says he’s happy to make variations based on other hardware — an iPod shuffle, perhaps. Email



  • Al Velasco

    and it’s only the ugliest table I’ve ever seen.. HORRIBLE

  • Anonymous

    It’s the ugliest table I’ve ever seen. Why are so many screws visible? And why waste touch technology on one gesture that could just as easily have been a small button. So many designers don’t understand when and when not to use touch technology…

  • devunish

    This was Steve Jobs’ desk….until he replaced it with neatly stacked piles of cash.

  • wholesaledealer

    This is unique but I don’t know why my heart does not accept it. Beautiful home decoration is an important task for me but this table is not suitable for decoration of my home and office.

  • Chris

    looks like a star trek table

  • Boothefox

    Fugly ! And how is it more than just a bigass box of… Nothing. You can’t even sit at it :)