Apple Acknowledges Issues With 3G iPad 2 on Verizon



Last week we reported on an issue plaguing owners of the 3G iPad 2 hooked up to the Verizon network. A growing number of users have reported a problem with their device that means they have to reboot their iPad to reactivate their 3G data connection. On Friday, Apple issued an official statement to All Things Digital, acknowledging the problem and reassuring users that they are investigating the issue:

We are aware that a small number of iPad 2 customers have experienced connectivity issues with the Verizon 3G network and we are investigating it.

A thread on the Apple Support Discussions forum now spans 9 pages long and is full of reports from disgruntled Verizon customers who are having problems with their iPad 2. The issues begins when 3G is turned off from within the settings app. When it’s turned back on, the data connection does not restore, simply displaying a “Searching…” message where the carrier’s name should be.

The only fix at the moment is to reboot the device while 3G is set to ‘on’ – this restores the data connection upon reboot. It’s likely a fix for this problem will come in a minor iOS software update shortly.

[via InfoWorld]

  • Arya

    not really a minor update if it comes with the whole package of the OS…. -__-

  • Alan Hewett

    If 99% of the packaged OS is the same, then by definition, it is a minor update. With no new library’s, functions, calls etc, then it is a minor bug fix. Dont be a troll.

  • Jim Washburn

    It’s interesting that always shows stores carrying the Verizon 3G models, but never the AT&T 3G models. It’d be interesting to see how many more Verizon 3G models have been sold than than AT&T – it’s doubtful, but maybe AT&T “held back” on the initial manufacturing run for fear of such a problem  Their network already has such a poor reputation and something like this would drag it through the mud once again.

  • Guest

    Verizon’s network may be better for calling, but for data they don’t even come close to AT&T. I wonder why someone would even buy a Verizon iPad… I can see why they would an iPhone, but not iPad

  • CorkChop

    This isn’t new, my AT&T iPad and both my iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 have done this in the past. Why to people assume it’s the iPad at fault and not the network?

  • RayBurne

    These “carrier” issues are the best reason to purchase only WiFi mobile devices and then opt for a nice cellular WiFi router. With most people wanting to have multiple “connected” devices, it is insane to tie a $600+ device to a single carrier. Just drop your rechargeable 3G/4G wireless router into your briefcase or purse and surf with your iPad, Nook, Xoom, and WiFi enabled cellphone. Then, if you decide to jump-ship and go to another mobile carrier, you only have a small investment to replace rather than a bag full of gadgets. Plus, with your own WiFi router, you cellphone can be updating to the cloud while you are using your Xoom to watch a YouTube clip.
    You have to be smarter than the mobile carriers or they will eat your wallet.

  • Gman

    This is just another example of Apple shipping product before it is ready. Kind of like that Xoom shipping without flash or sd card slot usable?

  • RayBurne

    The entire iPad2 distribution issue has been screwed-up by the Japanese earthquake. I suspect that because the Verizon iPad2 modem implementation was “new” that these units came off the production lines first. GSM units were probably allocated more to Europe than the U.S. to satisfy world-wide distribution goals. Plus, AT&T has had a full 1 year exclusive on GSM iPads, so I suspect their forecasts for 3G units were down; especially in view of their hopes of gaining penetration in the 4G marketplace.

    Anyway, if you want an iPad2 and can not find one, you really owe it to yourself to look at the Moto Xoom. I gave one of my 2 original iPads to a family member this past week because my Xoom blew the iPad away… the 32G WiFi Xoom is $589 at Costco and this includes a free $29 value silicone cover. The Xoom has a better high resolution wide-screen display and 2x the RAM of the iPad2.

    Then if you want cellular connectivity, go get a 3G/4G wireless modem router and separate your devices from the insanity of the mess on the U.S. mobile networks.

  • Arya

    ah, yes, my mistake.
    But still, it feels annoying to download the whole package for these minor fixes/updates. Hoping for more efficient way on the next iOS.

  • Guest

    because they probably want to at least have data when they want it. its beter to have slower data than no data. and with att i doubt you’ll get much data.

  • Mreg

    Well, it’s the difference between speed and reliablity. If you do anything of consequence then you would favor relaibility.

  • CharliK

    So you have confirmed proof that this issue is actually due to something in the ipad. And not perhaps something screwy in Verizon’s system.

  • Seshukumar Alluvada

    Its definitely a great idea… a game changer for me to decide between whether to buy iPad with WiFi only or iPad with WiFi + 3G. I completely agree with you that buying a WiFi only iPad and subscribing for MiFi is the best option