Geek Trend: Apple Advertising Parodies, the Jony Ive Era



They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Offering that imitation as a parody allows commentary while avoiding the Wrath of Legal. Spoofs of Apple commercials are certainly not a new phenomenon, but recently we’ve moved past Get A Mac and Dancing Silhouettes into the Jony Ive Era: soft music, featherlight products and dark T-shirts.

The world’s creative types have noticed, producing a stream of variations on Apple’s ubiquitous advertising. SlateV uses Ive himself to introduce one of Apple’s greatest technological wonders, the iPhone 4 Bumper.

• • •

Having a British accent is key to impersonating Jony Ive. Pini Productions in the UK nails it with this spoof of Apple launch videos to announce their newest breakthrough personal hygiene product:

“Everything that we learned designing really sharp scissors, and everything that we learned designing really small clippers, culminates in the new Nail Clipper Air” – Donny Jives

• • •

The latest (real) MacBook Air ad shows a beauty shot of the product itself with its light, tapered frame, easily held in one hand. This offering from Mike & Gian pokes fun at these commercials with a comparison to that first, non-svelte, MacBook Pro introduced in 2006.

• • •

Meanwhile, Conan O’Brien also thinks Apple is getting a bit cocky. Never one to pass up the opportunity for a good parody, Team Coco took on Apple’s slick interview-laden style recently in this funny spoof of the iPad 2 launch video. Yes, those black T-shirts do look great against a white background!

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  1. Piniproductions says:

    Thats great… and thin… and light

  2. Chris Malone says:

    Stop spamming the comments with your blog. It’s just annoying.

  3. KillianBell says:

    Aseem, your comment has been moderated to remove the link – which makes it look like spam.


  4. KillianBell says:

    Great post, Adam!

  5. Mr Argh says:

    Just get rid of this user!

  6. Amen! says:

    OMG!!! Adam Rosen!!!
    “THANK YOU SO MUCH!” for a wonderful “MONDAY” morning!.
    I’m laughing so hard watching these parodies… You’ve just made my day!
    Man! It’s good to know that I’m still alive!
    Thanks again Adam Rosen! GOOD WORK!

  7. Adam Rosen says:

    You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed it. Definitely a fun post to put together!

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