Unlimited Remote Access to Everything on Your Computer via Tonido [Daily Freebie]



Just like Pogoplug and ZumoCast (the latter currently MIA from the app store), Tonido is a service that’ll let users stream media and access files on a computer from a mobile device. It sort of combines features from both — it’s completely free, works via a mobile app that connects to server software (free download from Tonido) running the user’s computer and allows access to music, videos, photos and even plain ‘ol documents. In fact, pretty much everything on a connected hard drive is accessable.

The big difference with Tonido though, is that virtually nothing is stored in a cloud — not even your account password (“think of the Tonido server like a giant router” says co-founder Venkat Ramasay). Don’t want to use your computer as the server? Tonido sells a remarkably-Pogoplug-looking NAS device for $99 that you can plug an external HDD or USB stick into. Ramasay says the software footprint is also very small, and that’s it’s also intended to run on home routers.  The next version will also support Airplay.

The interface seems a little rough around the edges — I wasn’t able to stream music because I couldn’t figure out a way to simply select music to play, for instance — but it’s free, so worth taking a look at.


  • CBlake

    HomePipe is better. It’s free and does so much more than Tonido. It streams music easily and does so much more it makes Tonido look like the ugly, evil step sister. Just go to http://www.homepipe.net and sign up. It takes seconds and well worth it.

  • Guest

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  • Tordaid

    umm.. so much more?? lol

  • Rich34

    I use Tonido and playing music couldn’t be simpler. Just click the song in your file list on your iPhone/iPad to play it..

  • jimmytech

    You can free download Tonido app from here http://goo.gl/GuBuj

  • Jara_anna

    I think this is such a good idea that it is going to start coming stock on the iPhone 5. Apple is going to start getting into the remote access business, and many will follow. Imagine being able to access all your files from anywhere.