New to jailbreaking? Here are 6 must-have tweaks!



If you’ve jailbroken your device for the first time this week (thanks to the iOS 4.3.1 untethered jailbreak being released), chances are that you may not know where to begin. There are thousands of neat things that you can do once jailbroken.

This post will cover just 6 of them, all of which I personally consider “must-have” tweaks for anybody who has recently joined the jailbreak scene.

1. revi-krs HD (iOS Theme)

One of the main reasons to jailbreak is to use custom iOS themes, which are all able to customize the way your copy of iOS looks, functions, and feels. The above theme is called “revi” by theme designer-extraordinaire “krs”. This theme will change nearly every UI element in iOS. It also includes several nice UISounds (lock, unlock, etc). It also features a weather widget for both your home screen and lock screen, which can be customized with your own location and wallpaper. Note: The missed calls/voicemail/mail/SMS/notification area that you see on the lock screen is “LockInfo”, which is discussed later on in this post.


2. SBSettings

SBSettings is a really simple and convenient way of turning certain functions of your phone on and off, such as 3G, Wi-Fi, location services, Bluetooth, and more. There are also a number of extra toggles available, such as brightness, notes, and more. SBSettings also has a settings application that has some extra features, such as hiding icons from your SpringBoard, disabling/enabling certain MobileSubstrate extensions, and a lot more. Lastly, SBSettings can be themed. With the number of SBSettings themes available, you’re likely to find something that suits your style.


3. FolderEnhancer

Looking for an alternative to the built-in Folders feature of iOS? FolderEnhancer is your answer. With it, you’ll be able to put folders inside of folders, add pages to your folders, scroll through the icons in your folders vertically or horizontally, and more. My favorite feature is with the speed at which it opens your folders; opening folders is instant, no matter how many icons or folders that you may have in them. The actual opening animation is silky smooth as well, which with the stock folders in iOS, could be quite sluggish and choppy if you have a lot of apps in them.


4. iFile

Jailbreaking opens up the entire filesystem for your browsing pleasure. iFile is a simple and feature-packed way of doing so. It brings in features, such as opening a web server, sending files to other iDevices via Bluetooth, ZIPping up files and folders, and emailing files and folders. It also allows you to open files and edit them (.plist files, .txt files, etc). If you like tinkering with things, or if you just want to know how the filesystem of iOS works, then iFile is your answer.


5. LockInfo

Looking for an alternative to the default iOS notification system? Want to bring your various notifications to your lock screen to quickly view them while on-the-go? LockInfo is for you. It can show you your missed calls, new voicemail messages, new email message, text/picture messages, push notifications, and a lot more all on your lock screen OR on your home screen thanks to its InfoShade feature. InfoShade is basically a drop-down panel that contains the same information as on your lock screen, but can be accessed anywhere on your iDevice no matter what application you’re in. I have mine set so that, when I slide down on my status bar, it will bring up the panel. There are a number of extra plugins available, such as Twitter, weather, RSS, and some for various “to-do” apps.


6. biteSMS

Lastly, we have biteSMS, a full iOS Messages replacement that makes Messages what it should’ve been all along. The most notable feature is the ability to reply to text messages without leaving the app that you’re in. Once the usual new message pop-up comes up, you’ll have a number of options, one of which is reply. Tapping on reply will bring up the keyboard, and you’ll be able to reply to the message right then and there. You’ll have the option to make biteSMS the default app, use Messages as the default app, or use both at the same time.

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  • Natemart2004

    Have these been proven to work with 4.3.1? or only 4.2.1?

  • besweeet

    All of these work fine on iOS 4.3.1.

  • Vinylrace

    Are you still able to plug into itunes an snyc? can you still download from the app store?

  • akri

    very cool..tks Brian!


  • Fark Frank Burns

    Yes, everything with iTunes works as normal except for the way you arrange your icons and folders within iTunes, as iTunes does not recognize your jailbreak apps.

    When the next iOS firmware upgrade comes out, make sure you don’t upgrade your firmware unless you are sure there is a jailbreak for the new version they are offering.

  • besweeet

    Actually, you’re able to arrange your folders just fine, including any jailbroken apps that you may have installed.

  • besweeet


  • Zack Meltzer

    So, biteSMS vers RealSMS… GO!

  • prof_peabody

    so … jailbreaking helps you to turn your phone into an ugly confusing mess?

    that’s what I got from this article.

    I don’t see how any of these utilities really “enhance” the iPhone experience and you have to deal with all the uglies as well. I’d rather go for the stock iPhone look. it’s simpler, easier to use and waaay more attractive.

  • Vineuiw

    lol @peabodys comment :)

  • Nutz320

    Nice list.

  • besweeet

    There’s a point where being /too/ simple gets boring and annoying after a while.

    You can still stick with the stock interface if you choose, and then install some of these mods. You just have to try it.

  • RedSnow 0.9.6rc12

    New Jailbreak of iOS 4.3.1 is released and i think that this is bug free with fixation of lingering custom boot logo issue …….

  • Chris Carman

    Whats the theme for lockinfo?!?

  • Guest

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  • Kason

    you’ve missed Springtomize and Activator!!!

  • Sam

    The most important must have “tweak” is a combination of adding cracked Cydia app repositories (ie: Hackstor & SinfuliPhoneRepo), and Installous 4 to allow you to demo App Store apps (

    Moral issues aside, they are the true must-have tweaks.

  • besweeet

    It’s the stock theme/appearance.

  • brandycmc

    The macciti repo for revi-krs seems to be down at the moment.
    So Cydia will happily take your money for it, but you’ll get 403 type installation errors.
    Bl@@dy frustrating.

  • David Carier

    You have a choice to apply themes or not.

  • Cferebee

    You need to warn people that revi-krs takes FOREVER. They’ll think it’s not working

  • Brendan9736


  • Matt Perkins

    iNitsua Z Twilight HD is by far a better theme than revi-krs.  I’d also recommend Infinifolders over FolderEnhancer. Why put folder into folder when you can have one folder for each type of app? I’d also recommend adding Frash which is pretty much flash for iOS. Plus you have Musicdog which is the free alternative to MOG and Spotify. Installous 4 which allows you to download and try paid apps.

    My top 10 would be this way.

    1. Installous 4 – Free
    2. iNitsua Z Twilight HD/Winterboard (need Winterboard to use the theme)
    3. SBSettings – Free
    4. Infinifolders
    5. LockInfo
    6. Frash – Free
    7. Musicdog – Free
    8. MobileNotifier – Free
    9. SnapTap
    10. BiteSMS

    5 Other useful jailbroken apps

    Safari Download Manager
    CyDelete – Free
    xQuisite HD
    iStreamNet – Free
    iFile – Shareware

    Also LockInfo and MobileNotifier look amazing with iNitsua Twilight HD if you only use these parts of the theme (You will also want the iNitusa Twilight HD expansion pack). Combine that with all black wallpaper for the lock screen.

    iNZTHD Sounds
    iNZTHD SB 12hr Clock
    iNZTHD S-Edition UI (Part of Expansion Pack)
    iNZTHD Loading Screens
    iNZTHD for SBSettings

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