Verizon iPad Owners Reporting 3G Reboot Problems



Now that the Verizon iPad is here, the once mythical device has turned out to be just as much of a slab of aluminum and glass as every other iPad out there… and just as prone to its own small but annoying problems.

The latest? A growing nunber of Verizon iPad 2 owners are reporting issues with the CDMA 3G modem… namely, that after turning 3G off, Verizon iPad owners need to reboot their tablets to get a connection again.

If your Verizon is having this problem, rinse-and-repeat the following steps to regain 3G connectivity.

1. Turn the cellular data switch to on.
2. Power off the iPad.
3. Power up the iPad.
4. Turn on cellular data. Data switch is already on.
5. The Verizon service turns on and connects properly.

To be honest, this sounds like a software issue, and my guess is that the forthcoming iOS 4.3.2 update rumored to be coming in the next week or two will put this right. Patience in the meantime, and fall back on WiFi when you can.

  • MrQ

    Statements like those mentioned here, show the lack of real hands on experience the author has with the device he is commenting on…
    First you don’t turn 3G off the iPad switches to wifi whenever it can find one, you maintain the 3G connection for use when you can’t find wifi.
    Second No data is transferred through the 3g connection while a wifi connection is active so it won’t cost you anything
    Third the battery life is so good on a iPad having a 3G radio humming along will not be noticed.

  • Gary McRoberts

    the writer never said that anyone HAS to turn 3G off and this article had no mention of and nothing to do with battery life… he was reporting then when users do turn it off (as some may do for whatever person reasons), that later when they turn it back on they can’t connect. You can turn 3G off, there is a setting called Cellular Data and when switched to ‘off’ it turns off 3G.

    I personally have a Verizon iPad and I did turn off my 3G when i first got my iPad when I was playing around with it and experienced this exact issue that when i turned it back-on the device didn’t recognize the 3G connection again until i rebooted!

  • Brandon Chang

    im in australia , im with Telstra and everytime i use the 3g and switch it off an on it wont come back on unless i reboot it

  • Christina White099

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